Long distance trail orienteering, Senningerberg

The deadline for entries is on Friday 1st of December at 18:00.

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Contact: Julien Gaffuri, Anne-Laure Gaffuri

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  • December 2nd, 2017 13:00 December 3rd, 2017 06:00
  • Ancienne ligne Luxembourg - Echternach, Niederanven, 6182, Luxembourg (49.649765 / 6.225600)
  • We propose a long distance trail-orienteering training in Grünewald forest around Niederanven. You will be provided a 1:15'000 (1cm=150m) simplified map showing main trails, contour lines and few additionnal landmarks (see an overview here). Around 15 control points will be shown on the map. The control points will have different values depending on the difficulty to find them and how far they are from the start. You are free to visit as many points as possible in the order of your choice. A punch cards will be provided to validate the control points you visit. Visiting all points would take minimum 1h40min for approximativelly 15km - but no obligation to visit all of them ! A ranking will be established based on a score computed with the following very elaborate formula:

    Score = Sum(values of control points visited) * (1+Abs(age-25)*0.01) - Time(in minutes).

    In other words: One point is equivalent to a minute, and some bonus points are granted to participants younger/elder than 25 (1% per year above/below 25).

    You are free to participate in groups, of course !

    Meeting point: Senningerberg "Charly's gare", at water tower parking behind the pizzeria. Reachable by bus 29 after the airport or by bike (path PC 2).

    Time: From 13:00 to the sunset... maybe later if you dare asking !

    Please let us know by email (julien.gaffuri(at)gmail.com) before Friday 1st at 18:00 if you wish to come so that we can prepare a map for you.

    Disclaimer: All participants take part in events entirely at their own risk. LuxOC shall not be liable for any accidents, injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation in any of its events. Any competitor who has any doubts about their fitness or ability to take part in any event, should consult a health professional before considering participation.


  • Kriss

    Kriss 2 months ago

    Thanks for organizing and effort! Nice course.

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