Weekly running: Wednesdays at 7pm in Bambësch: 27/9/2017

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  • Luxembourg
  • 5
  • September 27th, 2017 19:00 20:00
  • Mühlenbach, Muhlenbach, Canton Luxembourg, Luxembourg (49.632648 / 6.114287)
  • Let's meet every Wednesday and have a run together. We will run easy and if needed can do several groups, depending on the speed. We might do some running exercises together as well, depending on the mood.



  • Jan

    Jan 3 months ago

    I'll be at the usual spot at 7. Jan

  • Roland

    Roland 3 months ago

    I am joining, Roland

  • Jonas

    Jonas 3 months ago

    Sorry, I'm in Africa this week.

  • Bern PONCE

    Bern PONCE 3 months ago

    Bien gentil de m'inviter.
    Bonne Organisation

    Bern PONCE

  • Misa

    Misa 2 months ago

    Sorry, not me today. No babysitter and Ondra is in US for 2 weeks. But the babysitter is arranged for the next week.

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