Jukola 2018

June 16th – June 17th, 2018

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Contact: Jonas Wolff

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  • June 16th, 2018 12:00 June 17th, 2018 13:00    google    ical
  • Hollola, Lahden seutukunta, Mainland Finland, Finland (61.007072 / 25.410004)
  • http://jukola.com/
  • Dear Orienteering Friends,

    By popular demand, I’m calling for interest to represent LuxOC in the world's biggest orienteering relay, i.e. the Jukola-relay on 16-17 June next summer. We have previously taken part in Jukola in 2015 and in Tiomila last year. It was unanimously agreed that Jukola suits us better. I again offer myself as co-ordinator, manager, adviser, coach and spiritual guide for at least one team in the men's relay and one team in the women's relay.

    This mail contains the basic information about the competition, the venue, possible travel options, some other guidelines. I plan to repeat this call in January and would like to have a basic roster of willing and half-committed runners as early as possible. The only needed qualifications to make the team is an audacity to represent the club, a willingness to devout time and money to travel to Finland and the braveness to enter an orienteering competition with as well the world elite as the hoi polloi on the same line. The only ambition is to field a team and complete the relay.

    The event invitation was published a week ago. It contains the basic information about the competition, with course lengths, indicative time-tables, etc. The invitation will in due time be supplemented by an event guide that gives a more detailed account on how things actually work in a competition like this. But for now, the important information can be found here: http://www.jukola.com/2018/en/event-invitation/ . Read and get excited!

    The competition will this year take place in Hollola just beside Lahti in southern Finland. The terrain that will be offered is quite particular and dominated by landforms formed by melting underground ice-blocks at the end of the latest ice-age. The result is a very fast terrain with little undergrowth and moderate elevations but at the same time the intricate contours provide very technical orienteering. This is best illustrated by the latest map from the competition area: http://gadget.yokuppi.net/kartat/97.jpg

    And MapAnt of the area: http://www.mapant.fi/?lat=61.0108911&lng=25.4211330&zoom=9

    As should be known, Jukola has two competitons: the ladies’ relays (called Venla) with four legs on Saturday afternoon and the mens’ relay (called Jukola) during the night between Saturday and Sunday. However, the night is short and it is unlikely that a headlamp is needed after the third leg. Distances are qite long this year, but that is due to the very fast terrain; ideal times are below 5:30 min/km for the men and below 7 min/km for the ladies.

    The event centre is located about 100 km from the capital Helsinki and the largest international airport in Finland. The organiser promises good access also using public transport. The same venue and competition centre was used in 1987. A short summary of that is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZRCH39XrzI . It is in Finnish but you should recognise a familiar face at 8:10 into the video.

    At the venue, I would suggest to rent a tent provided by the organisers. It comes with a cost (NB! significantly cheaper than in Tiomila) but reduces the need to transport own tents. These already raised tents are usually close to the finish area and provide a good base camp both sleeping and following the competition. They should further be available already from Friday before the competition.

    I plan to stay in Finland for a long week-end and if anyone likes to the same, I have a small house about 200 km from the venue and can perhaps even provide some training in a representative terrain.

    Next steps:

    1. Are you interested? Please send me a non-committing message indicating willingness and ability to participate indicating either:

    1. I'm exited and will do what I can to make myself available.
    2. I would like to but I'm not sure I can make it
    3. Maybe, (and I understand I owe Jonas a beer for being so vague)
    4. Sorry, I don't think I can make it.

    2. Please indicate your willingness by the end of January. We start by inviting club members and will extend to neighbours, friends, supporters and basically anyone willing and able to fill the teams. (For the sake of clarity indicate if you wish to run in the men's or women's relay or are available for both!)

    3. Start making your travel arrangements and be in contact with me and/or your friends to benefit from joint arrangements.

    4. Start training

    5. Forget number 4. It is not so important after all!

    6. Don't hesitate to ask for additional information, clarification or help (even to make up your mind)

    7. Please share this invitation with family and friends. It is also published on the club’s website where we can discuss in an inclusive and interactive way.

    Best Regards,

    Jonas Wolff


  • jonas

    jonas 5 months ago

    Miša, Ondra, Jan, David and Jonas have expressed immediate interest.

  • jonas

    jonas 3 months ago

    As of early 2018 we have a strong interest for a team in the men's class with Jevgenijs, Ondra, Sasha, Roland, David, Jan, Cedrik and Jonas willing to run.

    In the ladies team there is still some vacancies with only Elisabeth signed up and Miša being uncertain.

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