LuxOC training - Klosegröndchen park

June 3rd

The deadline for entries is on Friday 1st of June at 16:00.

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Contact: Julien Gaffuri

  • LuxOC organisation  training  Luxembourg
  • 11
  • June 3rd, 2018 09:30 12:30    google    ical
  • Boulevard Pierre Werner, Grünewald, 2951, Luxembourg (49.631813 / 6.179123)
  • We propose a "sprint" orienteering training on a new map of Klosegröndchen park, near Kirchberg hospital. All courses are quite easy, ideal for beginners. The 'deer' course offers however enough challenge for more experienced orienteers.


    • Squirrel A - 1.2km
    • Squirrel B - 1.5km
    • Rabbit - 2.5km (few road crossings outside the park)
    • Deer - 4.2km (several road crossings outside the park)

    Meeting point: Klosegröndchen park in Kirchberg, from the entrace at the end of "Rue Joseph Leydenbach" - See on the map below for the exact location of the meeting point. See also here. You can come by public transport. Parking is available in the streets nearby the park and around the hospital.

    Time: From 9:30 to 12:30. The training could be followed by a picnic depending on the weather.

    Please let us know by email (jgaf(at) before Friday 1st at 16:00 if you wish to come so that we can prepare a map for you.

    Disclaimer: All participants take part in events entirely at their own risk. LuxOC shall not be liable for any accidents, injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation in any of its events. Any competitor who has any doubts about their fitness or ability to take part in any event, should consult a health professional before considering participation.


  • Morag

    Morag 9 months ago

    Dear Orienteering Club members, I will soon moving to Luxembourg mid-May and am interested in the Orienteering Club and its activities.
    I would like to join the training on 3 June, probably with my daughter, Shona.
    We are beginners, we've done one training event in Belgium and are taking part in the Transforestière. Thanks for keeping me posted.
    best regards Morag Donaldson
    +32 473 918844

    • elisabet

      elisabet 9 months ago

      Welcome to our club! I don't know if somebody else already replied to your email, just come along for the training! See you there, Elisabet

      • Morag

        Morag 8 months ago

        Hello Elisabet, have just seen your very kind words of welcome. Look forward to meeting you on 3 June. Best Morag

    • julien

      julien 8 months ago

      Hi Morag,
      Welcome to Luxembourg! I just updated the information. You are welcome to join of course. We could further discuss about the club and its activities when we meet !

      • Morag

        Morag 8 months ago

        Thanks. Look forward to meeting you all!
        What time is best to be there? I’m a beginner so will not be ‘sprinting’ Morag

  • Stoev Lyubomir

    Stoev Lyubomir 8 months ago

    Hi ,Julien!
    I would like to join the training on 3 June,with my friends-Anton Chipev(42),Tedy Chipev(42),Teo Chipev(11),Nikol Chipev(8).My friends are beginners.4 maps for beginners and one for me-Rabbit. Best regards! Lyubomir Stoev

    • julien

      julien 8 months ago

      Hi Stoev,
      You are all welcome! I'll prepare your maps. See you tomorrow.

  • jonas

    jonas 8 months ago

    Great fun! Thanks a Lot Julien!

    • orsi

      orsi 8 months ago

      I agree, thanks for the lovely training! By the way, I would have never thought that the first ever palm tree control of my life would be in Luxembourg :-)

  • Jan

    Jan 8 months ago

    I join the others in thanking Julien. Great stuff

  • julien

    julien 8 months ago

    Thanks all ! I also had a lot of fun organising it, but seing you enjoying it is the best reward !

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