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Trierer Herbst-OL 2018

Getting there

From Germany, drive via the A1 to the Dreieck Moseltal, and then take the A602 in the direction Trier, to the exit (2) Trier-Ehrang. Here, follow the A64 / E44 in the direction Luxembourg, as far as the exit (3) Trier.

Take the B51 towards Bitburg, but exit at the next exit in the direction of Trierweiler. After the underpass, turn right again onto the B51 back towards Trier. After less than 3 km, at the Trier-Hochschule exit, leave the B51 and immediately turn right to the parking lot ‘P1’.

From Benelux or France, drive via the Luxembourg A1 towards Trier; at the border crossing near Wasserbillig this becomes the A64. Leave at exit (3) Trier, and turn right towards Trier. After about 2 km, leave the B51 at the Trier-Hochschule exit and immediately turn right to the parking lot ‘P1’.

If the parking lot 'P1' is full, cross the bridge over the B51 and then turn left into the parking lot 'P2'.

For parking, only the parking lots 'P1' and 'P2' of the Hochschule Trier are available. The parking lots 'P3' and 'P4' may NOT be used - competition area!

By public transport, Trier can be reached by regional trains from Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Koblenz and Luxembourg. From Trier Hbf, the bus services 12/221 and 12/222 go to the "Hochschule" bus stop; however, these only run on Saturdays at 10:30, 12:00, 13:30.

The City bus service 87 (direction Quint / Schweich) offers half-hourly departures (xx.15 and xx.45 hrs.) from Trier Hbf to the stop "Bitburger Straße". It is then an 800 m walk (60 metres climbing). Please walk only along the pavement beside the B51 to the bus stop "Hochschule" and then over the bridge to the Competition Centre; the signposted footpath to the college below the cliff leads through the competition area.

The footpaths from the bus stop to the Competition Centre are not taped; please use the map below.

Competition Centre

The Competition Centre “CC” is located in the old main building of the Hochschule Trier, Schneidershof, 54293 Trier.

From the parking lots, the route to the CC is marked with red-white tapes.

Unless following marked routes to or from the parking lots or the starts, participants should not enter areas beyond the CC, the open space in front of the CC, or the “finish meadow”. 

Entering any part of campus of the university, with the exception of the parking lots ‘P1’ and ‘P2’ - as well as the forest north of the campus or the B51 - is forbidden until after the competition is over. These areas are being used for the competition. Failure to comply will result in disqualification!

The CC offers changing rooms, as well as toilets and showers. Coffee and cakes, or steaks and sausages from the grill, are available until about 18.00 hrs.

From about 15.00 hrs., there will be a children’s “string” O course in the “finish meadow” adjacent to the CC for the youngest. The route is about 300 m long, and fully marked.

Hard floor accommodation (Saturday/Sunday)

Hard floor accommodation in the gym of the Primary School at Tarforst (Grundschule Tarforst, Am Trimmelter Hof 206, 54296 Trier) will open on Saturday from about 19.00 hrs. For parking, please use the parking in front of the gym. Please do NOT park in the shopping centre parking areas.

Entering the hall is only permitted if wearing clean indoor shoes. Only toilets are available, so please take a shower at the CC. Dining and drinking in the hall is prohibited by order of the school administration. However, next door there is a small lounge available. Breakfast is not provided.

The hall will be closed on Sunday at 09.00 hrs. Please leave the hall before then, swept clean and tidy.

Course details / distances

Sprint prologue

Class Distance (m) Climbing Controls Course
D-10 680 10 12 S-13
D-12 780 10 15 S-12
D-14 1.450 30 20 S-9
D-18 2.250 50 24 S-5
D19- (Elite) 2.560 45 25 S-3
D35- 2.250 50 24 S-5
D45- 2.060 40 20 S-7
D55- 1.770 40 20 S-8
D65- 1.630 35 20 S-10
H-10 680 10 12 S-13
H-12 780 10 15 S-12
H-14 1.450 30 20 S-9
H-18 2.600 50 25 S-2
H19- (Elite) 2.690 50 26 S-1
H35- 2.600 50 25 S-2
H45- 2.240 45 21 S-4
H55- 2.130 45 21 S-6
H65- 1.770 40 20 S-8
Open short 780 10 15 S-12
Open long 1.110 25 20 S-11

The lengths for the Sprint prologue courses are measured based on the ideal route, but for the Middle distance courses these are based on the beeline.

P1 – CC 325 m / 10 m climbing
P2 – CC 125 m
CC – Start 100 m
Finish – CC 50 m

Middle distance

Class Distance (m) Climbing Controls Course
D-10 1,4 25 9 M-13
D-12 1,6 25 12 M-12
D-14 2,6 100 16 M-9
D-18 4,0 150 17 M-5
D19- (Elite) 4,1 180 16 M-3
D35- 4,0 150 17 M-5
D45- 3,3 140 15 M-7
D55- 2,9 115 14 M-8
D65- 2,5 105 13 M-10
H-10 1,4 25 9 M-13
H-12 1,6 25 12 M-12
H-14 2,6 100 16 M-9
H-18 4,3 205 19 M-2
H19- (Elite) 4,5 210 19 M-1
H35- 4,3 205 19 M-2
H45- 4,0 165 16 M-4
H55- 3,3 145 14 M-6
H65- 2,9 115 14 M-8
Open short 1,6 25 12 M-12
Open long 2,1 75 13 M-11
CC – Start 1350 m / 40 m climbing
Finish – CC 50 m

Start times

Due to the longer walk to Start 2 (walking time approx. 20 minutes), we have put back the first start for the Middle distance courses by 15 minutes, to 15.15 hrs.

For safety reasons, please cross the B51 ONLY at the bridge or at the pedestrian lights, and do NOT walk on the roadway.

For all categories from D/H-14 and older, there is a start list, but for the D/H-10, D/H-12, and Open classes, start times will not be allocated before the race.

Adults may “shadow” children on the D/H-10 or D/H-12 courses, so long as they do not run their own race afterwards. If the time available before your own start for the Middle distance course appears to be too short due to the walking time, please ask at the CC, so that we can assign a later start time.

Technical notes – general

In general, the map symbols indicating prohibited zones (z. B. 304.1 Uncrossable body of water, 415.0 Cultivated land, 411.0 / 421.0 Impassable vegetation / Impassable hedge, 528.1 Private ground, 709.0 Out-of-bounds area, 521.1 Impassable wall, 524.0 Impassable fence) must all be observed.

Loose control descriptions are available at the pre-start. These are also printed on the margin of the maps.

For the D/H-10, D/H-12 and Open courses, the control descriptions are also in written form (on the maps only in German). Written control descriptions in English and French are available in the CC for these categories. Please ask at the registration desk if needed!

In both races AirPlus will be offered, i.e. SIACs can used in “contactless” mode. All other SI-chips can also be used as well, but must punch in “classic” mode. The Start and Finish SI timing units are also set in “contactless” mode. Here, it is the responsibility of participants to make sure that they have effectively punched.

The start layout has a three minute pre-start process. For “contactless” punching, it is essential to check the SIAC to make sure the AirPlus mode is activated; a SIAC check station should be available.

The SI timing unit at the Start is located just after the map issue and start line, to prevent accidental 'starting'.

The start triangle on the map is located at the end of the taped route from the start line; from there, free orienteering applies.

Some controls are placed - and are clearly visible - about 1-2 metres away from the control object itself to secure them.

Any runners who have to finish their run prematurely for any reason must still check out at the CC, and report their withdrawal there.

Due to the long drought over recent weeks and months, many water objects are currently dry, especially on the forest map (Middle distance).

Technical notes – Sprint prologue

For all categories, the map has been drawn at a scale of 1:4,000, but has been enlarged in printout to 1:3,000, to give better readability. Thus, the objects and symbols on the map are 33% larger than standard.

For warm up, only the small parking lot at the “finish meadow” (at the O-kit shop), or the parking lot ‘P2’, are available.

Beyond the starting line, some roots stick out of the ground, so special care is recommended.

The courses are almost exclusively on paved paths or grass, so normal running shoes are recommended. The use of shoes with Dobb spikes is not permitted.

Special map symbols

  • “ã 118.1 Prominent landform feature “ = Anthill
  • “Î 314.0 Prominent water feature “ = Drain cover (only mapped in meadows or green land; NOT on paved ground)
  • “¤ 537.0 Cairn“ = Cairn, monument, statue the control descriptions varies: „¤ 5.17 Cairn“, „{ 5.20 Monument, statue“
  • “¡ 539.0 Prominent man-made feature - ring“ = Grill area
  • “Î 540.0 Prominent man-made feature - x“ = Game or sports equipment, info board, technical equipment, large bench
  • At the parking lots in the North and West of the map, lifting barriers are mapped as passable fences – these barriers may be open
  • In the West of the map in two places, exhaust pipes (about 80cm diameter) are mapped with the symbol ”l 206 Large boulder” to ensure readability. (Control description ”¡ 6.2 Prominent man-made feature – ring”)

Technical notes – Middle distance

There is a downhill mountain bike trail in the east part of the map, which courses M-1 to M-5 (D-18 to D35-, H-18 to H45-) have to cross. This is drawn on the map using the symbol “éé 705 Marked route”.

The mountain bike club has been informed about the orienteering event, and has asked its members not to use the track from 15.00-18.00 hrs. However, the route is freely accessible, so that it cannot be completely ruled out that mountain bikers will still use the trail - sometimes at very high speed. At the start of the trails additional signs are being attached!

Therefore, please DO NOT run on the trail, but only in parallel - and when crossing, pay especially attention for mountain bikers!

For senior categories D/H55- and D/H65-, the map has been drawn at a scale of 1:10,000, but has been enlarged in printout to 1:7,500, to give better readability. Thus, the objects and symbols on the map are 33% larger than standard.

To warm-up for the Middle distance, please use the walk to Start 2 (approx. 1,300 m, 40 m climbing).

Please allow at least 20 minutes walking time. On the way to Start 2, there is a pedestrian traffic light, crossing which sometimes has long red phases. You must only cross the B51 at either the bridge or the pedestrian lights. It is not permitted to walk along the road! Fast flowing traffic - danger to life!

Due to the terrain and local vegetation, we strongly recommend the use of gaiters and shoes with Dobb spikes.

Special map symbols

  • “ã 118.1 Prominent landform feature “ = Anthill
  • “¤ 537.0 “Cairn“ = Cairn, monument, statue, the control descriptions varies: „¤ 5.17 Cairn“, „{ 5.20 Monument, statue“
  • “¡ 539.0 Prominent man-made feature - ring“ = Charcoal platform, Control description “z 5.19 Charcoal platform”
  • due to the long drought in recent weeks and months, many water objects are currently dry


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