Saturday - sprint at Pallien Campus, Trier

The Sprint prologue will be held on a new map, which was never used before. The area was former only part of a forest map but in summer 2018, it was completely new mapped in ISSOM 2007 as a sprint map.

The terrain is a campus of Hochschule Trier on top of a cliff high up over the Moselle but, itself is mostly flat with a nice valley in the center of the map. Unfortunately, because of a constrution site, the main road in the map is closed and therefore out-of-bounds-area. Expect a short but technical race in high-speed.

Saturday - middle distance at Weisshauswald, Trier

The Weisshauswald map is characterized by a long meadow valley with steep slopes to both sides. Although on the north-west slopes, you will find several deep valleys, some cliffs and brick walls. The runability varies from very good with high-speed running to very difficult with high berries and steep rises. For senior classes, we choosed a center part of the map which is flatter.

In the south-west of the map is a wildlife-park and some allotment gardens. You should assume that there are tourists and families with their children. Further to south-west the forest adjoins to the campus where, close to the competition center, the finish will be.

Sunday - sprints on the plateau of Kirchberg, Luxembourg

The event on the Kirchberg plateau will use a 2017 map that was updated and extended (50 %) during summer 2018, mapped in ISSOM 2007 and printed in 1:4 000.

Urban events, with sprint distance courses. Estimated winning times for all adult courses are between 15 and 20 minutes. Competition classes are as used for the German Sprint series (Deutsche Park Tour), more details.

The competition area covers a mix of park, administrative and housing areas on the plateau of Kirchberg with low elevation differences. Be ready for route choices in high speed.

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