Challenging routes in Bambesch

 May 24th      

On Sunday, 19 May, Elisabet organized a training exercise for LuxOC in the Bambesch. Surprisingly, it turned out that our old map still offers possibilities for challenging orienteering routes, especially the eastern part with its ups and downs and runnable, hidden forest parts. Eighteen runners or teams had a choice between 5 different routes. This time the event attracted not just the habitual families with kids but also adults including a couple of orienteers from Hungary and Spain, respectively, who had just moved to Luxembourg and are now looking forward to becoming members. Also, much to our delight, two former club members showed up as they were spending their holiday in Luxemburg: Annemarie and Ritva from Finland.

Here are the results:

Course A:
Miki 12'
Vitek & Thomas 22'
Ciolabaya Volna 34'
Enright 41'

Course B:
Ciolabaya Volna 49'
Jamaan & Saan 62'

Course C:
Miki 21'
Matthias 34'
Vitek & Thomas DNF

Course D:
Agne 27'
Ludger 34'
Jakob 37'

Course E:
Sascha 25' (including time spent collecting some flags J)
Inga 34'
Brigitta 38'
Ritva 39'
Robert 40'
Bence 42'
Mark 69'
Paul (CNF because of missing flags that Sasha had collected ....)

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