Event news

CovidCheck - further clarification of who may participate

 September 17th      

The Luxembourg Government has this week voted to prolong the legislation and regulations regarding COVID sanitary measures, which will now apply until at least 18 October 2021.

Please therefore note that we are continuing to have to impose important restrictions on who may participate at our 2021 Weekend. In order to avoid difficulties at the event venues, we are therefore confirming that the position is as follows.

In accordance with procedures agreed with the Luxembourg Ministry of Health in order to allow the event to take place, to be permitted either to run at the event and/or to be permitted to enter either of the event centres, a valid EU COVID Certificate (in Luxembourg known as "CovidCheck certificate") with a QR code will be required, on paper or in digital form. The only certificates that can be accepted without a QR code are those issued in Luxembourg by persons authorised to do so (e.g. a school or local authority; usually restricted to Luxembourg residents). All participants need to be either fully vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested. This applies to all participants 6 years and older.

The organisers will not be able to provide rapid antigenic tests.

Please note the Luxembourg rules for the CovidCheck certificate as published here: https://covid19.public.lu/en/covidcheck/certificate.html  

More generally, please note the Covid-19 related measures currently in force in Luxembourg published here: https://covid19.public.lu/en/sanitary-measures.html

We ask for your understanding, and apologise if these restrictions mean that you have to decide that you cannot join us for the 2021 Forest and City Weekend.

Open courses

 September 17th      

By popular demand for those of you who do not fell competitive or would prefer an easier course, we added Open Short, Open Medium, and Open Longer courses. They are now available in both reservation systems today.

If you already registered, if needed you may edit the registration. Feel free to contact us if needed.

Entry fee payments - CORRECTION

 September 11th        important       

Intending participants who have already entered using the OrienteeringOnline channel may find that their bank transfer, to pay their entry fees for either or both days’ competitions, has been rejected.

We are very sorry that this problem has arisen. Luxembourg OC changed its bank earlier this year, and the details of our old bank account were shown in error in the OrienteeringOnline system.

This has now been resolved - the correct banking details are now shown in the OrienteeringOnline system, and in Bulletin 1. Please make your payment to this account.

Please contact weekend2021@orienteering.lu if you need any further help.

With apologies,

Luxembourg OC

Registration for 2021 Lux Weekend opened

 August 27th      

The pandemic situation being stable in the Grand Duchy, we confirm that the registrations opened on September 1 as expected. The information bulletin was published.

Map updates

 July 6th      

During summer months the existing Luxembourg City map (partly used for the Luxembourg City Race in 2017) is being revised and enlarged. We plan to include some new quite interesting and challenging areas which Luxembourg City has to offer to orienteers.

Also, some fine tunes are carried out on the new forest map in BambĂ«sch forest, to be used for Saturday race. 

Ongoing preparations

 January 22nd      

We are happy to see that pandemic related restrictions are becoming less strict and various sports events are being resumed in Luxembourg and its neighbouring countries.

Luxembourg Orienteering Club remains optimistic and continues with the preparation to be able to welcome you at our event this autumn. Stay tuned and stay healthy, more information will be published soon.