LuxOC Says Bye to Spring Season

 June 26th      

Two dozen LuxOC members and friends of the club said goodbye to the spring season on Sunday with a training session on the Parc Klosegrondchen - Kirchberg South-East map, a great orienteering area mapped some years ago by Julien but seldom used for club activities. As usual, there were two courses on offer - a longer one of about 3.2K for experienced orienteers and a short course around the park for kids. Some runners seemed to have a problem finding control #134 on account of a sleek new path built rather trecherously in parallel with an existing one some time between 2017 and now (sorry, some of our maps only get updated once a decade :-) - memo for the next training: if all else fails, read the countour lines!), but in the end everyone enjoyed one last bit of orienteering before the holidays. The first half of the year was very successful - we had a record turnout at the night urban league (so much so we're thinking of a new format that would span a longer period of time that just the winter months); the club did well at Jukola / Venla; and orienteering has attracted many newcomers. For the autumn season, we're still hopeful of renewed forest access, and we're again planning a club championship. Have a great summer, and stay on course!


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