Water window on Gebranntebësch

 December 9th        LuxOC organisation         6    

Yes, there were some trees fallen during the night and yes, the stream was difficult to pass. But the terrain did not move much and we were lucky to see the sun.

Here are the recorded times:


Sasha 80:25
Jonas (downgraded) 81:44



Honza 44:17
Balazs 53:27
Orsi 63:12
Gabi (upgraded) 68:14

I enjoyed the preparations, both in the forest understanding what the lidar laser sees and at the computer updating the map automatically generated by karttapullautin. The best was running on the map with just vegetation (local density) and contour lines, no paths, no vegetation boundaries.

Karttapullautin is a small piece of software that translates the lidar data (freely available from here) to an orienteering map with just contour lines, knolls, depressions, and greens and yellows of vegetation. Paths and water were added as a layer on top of it, sourced from the ACT topography map. Dry ditches and more ponds were added from the digital terrain model (another result of the lidar survey, available here).

At the moment only 100 square kilometres of lidar data around Ettelbruck were produced and made available by the ACT, in view of a survey of the whole country, that should be done this coming winter.

Later in winter I would like to organize a longer (2 - 3 hours) rogaine-like event around Bourgsheid on a similar kind of a map.


  • jonas

    jonas 1 month ago

    Thanks, this was great fun! Most of it...

  • honza

    honza 1 month ago

    Interesting how many features lidar captures... all the land forms were there, in the correct places. Thanks for the training!

  • julien

    julien 1 month ago

    Thanks A LOT Ondra for this great training ! Let's hope we can get more LIDAR data soon to repeat such trainings in all forests of the country.

  • balazsd

    balazsd 1 month ago

    It was fantastic, thanks a lot Ondra! I'm looking forward to the next real orienteering training.

  • ondra

    ondra 2 weeks ago


    We know this place :)

    • julien

      julien 2 weeks ago

      Indeed! I just answered him...
      FYI, I have also posted that on https://data.public.lu/fr/reuses/cartographie-pour-course-dorientation/

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