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Dear club members,

As you are all aware, the Corona-virus disease has been decleared pandemia and is affecting an increasing number of people around us. It is also affecting organisers and practitioners of orienteering. Effectively, all events around us have been cancelled for the near future. This goes for events in all our neighbouring countries.

Even if the Luxembourg limit for events currently is way above what we even dream off attracting to an orienteering event, we will lie low and are not planning anything for the Spring season. It is still recommended to be physically active and to exercise outdoors. We just need to minimise physical and social interaction. 

However, we are about to contract a professional mapper for Bambesch. Given the overall situation, there is no timeline yet, but at least something to look forward to! 

In the meantime, I wish the best of health and happiness through these strange times for all of you and your close ones!

Best Regards,



  • michael

    michael 3 years ago

    Thank you; so sad.

  • orsi

    orsi 3 years ago

    Dear All,
    I wish all of you good health from Hungary. The situation here is not that bad yet, but I think it's just a question of time.
    Stay safe, and see you in September, when hopefully everything will be back to normal and we'll have a great new map :-)

  • admin

    admin 3 years ago

    Concerning the LuxOC training weekend: the situation (closed border, limited movement) is unlikely to get resolved in three weeks so it is rather likely that the weekend will be cancelled. Nonetheless please allow us some more time to confirm. We are also thinking of possible or impossible alternatives.

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