Luxembourg orienteering championship 2018

December 2nd

The deadline for entries is on Thursday 29th of November at 23:59.

17 said to be going to the event.

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Contact: Orsolya Lukoczky

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Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Luxembourg Orienteering Club Championships. This will take place on a brand new map in Esch-sur-Sûre.


Given the map, this years edition will be sprint event in an urban and semi urban surrounding with high elevation. There will be two courses/classes, one for adults (around 2.5 km) and one for kids (around 1.0 km). Ranking will be determined by an intricate formula that takes into account actual running time, age and gender.

Starting times are determined  upon arrival within 10:30 to 12:00.

The terrain is steep in places and depending on the weather conditions some pahs and roads may be slippery, espacially going downhill. Plase take caution!

Event Centre

The event centre will be on the shore of the river Sûre, facing the city.

There are two parking areas, P1 adjacent to the event centre at Rue des Jardins and P2 at the playground 250 m from the Event Centre before arriving. Please do not park in the town itself.


Pre-registration by Thursday Noverber 29, using the sign-up function or comment field on this page, is highly recommended.


  • honza

    honza 4 years ago

    I’ll come with my son Mikulas Sliva (kids’course). Jan

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Great :-) See you there!

  • Agnès segondy

    Agnès segondy 4 years ago

    Bonjour, la course est elle ouverte aux exterieurs ( orienteurs non licenciés Luxembourg orienteering club)? Si oui quelles sont les modalites d'inscription?

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Bonjour Agnès,
      En théorie, la compétition est organisée pour les membres LuxOC (c'est notre championnat), mais si vous voulez vraiment y participer, vous êtes la bienvenue.

  • Brigi

    Brigi 4 years ago

    Kedves Orsi!

    Robert es en ott leszunk :) Koszonjuk a szervezest.

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Szuper, várunk titeket!

  • Inga

    Inga 4 years ago

    I will participate!

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Good :-)

  • Filip Kroupa

    Filip Kroupa 4 years ago

    I will participate too. Filip

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Excellent :-)

  • julien

    julien 4 years ago

    Hi Orsi,
    I will join with a friend (Martin). The rest of the family stays at home (shame is on them).

    • orsi

      orsi 4 years ago

      Great :-) See you there!

  • Eva Panuska

    Eva Panuska 4 years ago

    Hi Orsi,
    We come 4, me, Marek, Vitek, Tomas.

  • orsi

    orsi 4 years ago

    Oh, great :-) See you!

  • ondra

    ondra 4 years ago

    We've reserved in Hôtel de la Sûre (Rue du Pont 1) for 27 from 12:00 onwards.

  • balazsd

    balazsd 4 years ago

    Fellow orienteers,
    I’m offering two or maximum three seats tomorrow morning to Esch-sur-Sûre. Sasha is already in.

    • balazsd

      balazsd 4 years ago

      Leaving at 9.15 from Luxemburg Gare.
      I’m coming back to the city after the restaurant.

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