Kit to give away

 November 12th      

Emma has grown out of her kit which we now happily will give away to anybody it might fit. It is the race kit and track suit from the order we did nearly two and half years ago. In total four parts, running top, running trousers, tracksuit top and tracksuit trousers, all in the size 160. Unfortunately she hasn´t taken part quite as often as I might have hoped, so they are also in very good condition. :-) Just let me know if you have anybody they might fit and they are yours. We would much rather have them staying in the club then give away to charity.


Rainy Club Champs

 October 21st        LuxOC organisation       

Dear everyone - especially those of you that braved the autumn monsoon season and ran at Trier today!

A big thank you to Sven, Birger, Lisa and others in Trimmelter SV and Gymnasion Offenbach for hosting us at their double sprint event. The university campus gave some good technical sprint orienteering, and the courses were well planned, to make the most of the area. A great day out, even if a bit wet. And a big congratulation tothose of you that braved the autumn monsoon season and ran at Trier today!

Please find below as well  the “clean scratch results" as - having applied Ondra’s mystical Speed Ratios -  the “ final handicap” results. And the referee’s decision is final, I am afraid!

Congratulations to our worthy winner Gabi - who just beat the Mens’ Champion this year, Sasha. And many condolences to our speedy D60, Maggie, who would have clinched the Handicap honours if she’d checked the code at number 12 on the first race!

Fog doesn't matter to real orienteers

 October 7th        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  training       

We are really proud of those tough runners and adventurous families that came yesterday — the worst day of the autumn so far in terms of weather. The forest was misty and wet, at places even a bit scary for the smallest ones, but still beautiful. And the numbers: 30 people all in all, out of which 6 individual runners and 6 families (with 9 adults and 15 kids). Thank you for coming!

Now and then ... 1966-2019

 September 9th        orienteering       

The first World Championships in orienteering were held in 1966 in Fiskars, a small village in the south of Finland best known for scissors, knives and garden tools. A lot can and probably should be told of the organisation that went into that event, e.g. that the venue was kept secrret until the morning of the race and the runners were driven by bus 100 km from downtown Helsinki directly to the start. 

But leaving that aside, below you can find the competiton map, a 1:25,000 enhanced standard topographic map from the time, with the forses for both men and women. The men's 14.1 km was won by Åge Hadler in 1:36:05 and the womens's 6.6 km by Ulla Lindkvist in 52:45. Results

This past weekend, the Finnish long distance champs were held in the same village and the same forest. Two participants from 1966 returned, Juhani Salmenkylä (born 1932) and Anja Meldo (born 1945).

The organisers chose not to do a rerun of the of the old courses. While the forest as such probably hasn't changed that much, there are some new logging roads and a transmission line that make the old courses significantly easiers in terms of navigation. But also the change in mapping standard and other expectations required a change in approach. Over courses with sgnificantly more control points, Miika Kirmula won the men's 15.8 km with 1:26:19 and Merja Rantanen the women's 11.2 km with 1:14:09. That especially the women are faster today is illustrated by the winning time in the over 45 class with 50:10 over 6.8. km. Obviously navigation is also easier with a modern map.

Here you can see for yourselves, what the new map looks like and compare your percieved navigational abilities.

M21 GPS-tracking

W21 GPS-tracking

Routegadet other classes

Routegadget qualification races (different part of the forest with finish line almost the same as in 1966)



LuxOC misses Top 10 by a whisker at Belgian Club Relay championships

 June 24th        Belgium  orienteering  race       

LuxOC fielded two teams in the Belgian Club Relay championships last weekend, and came within seconds of notching a Top 10 result. LuxOC 1 (Jonas, Ondra, Staffan, Jan, Marjanka and Misa) finished 11th out of 42 teams, six seconds behind the 10th spot and a mere 45 seconds shy of the 8th place. LuxOC 2 (Gabi, Sasha, Elisabet, Inga, Brigitta, Chris) came in 21st despite a mishap on the first leg where a dubiously placed control cost many teams lots of time.

The race took place near Vielsalm in eastern Belgium, as close as to our borders as it gets, in perfect weather in a forest that was last used for a competition many years ago. The updated map featured every shade of green, with thickets galore and barely discernible vegetation boundaries. The terrain was difficult physically; part of the forest was covered in branches, while the northwestern part of the map featured a large depression overgrown by an impermeable thicket.

The star of the day was 10-year-old Marjánka Kotecká, the youngest of all 252 competitors, who covered an adult leg of 3,3K in 44 minutes and had the second fastest finish of all runners on her leg, covering the distance between the last control and the finish line in the same time as her dad!  The day was wrapped up with a lovely barbecue courtesy of the Kotecký family. LuxOC members will now soon disperse into their respective summer destinations, with lots of orienteering planned in various countries. A good holiday to all!


A footnote on after the race

The archives reveal that on 19 January 2009, on the day of a regional event at the map Hinter den Sandgruben, Orsi, Chris and Ondra (Marjánka was about -3 months at that time) undertook an expedition to the Kneiff mountain, believed today to be the higest point of the country. (It must be very tall – you remark that the expedition members stand above the trees!)

As since hundred years extensive efforts are carried out by the Administration du cadastre et de la topographie make the location and the height of the highest point change every few years, Jáchym, Marjánka, Jonáš and Ondra undertook a proactive expedition to the Buurgplaatz after the race. In fact, there is a reason to belive that it is precisely this place that will hold the title once again, as soon as the new lidar data is released later in fall.

Below is a panel installed in front of the water tower at Buurgplaatz before the 1997 change, claiming for it the title.

Season closing in Graulinster

 June 16th      

Over 40 participants, individually or team, took part on the last LuxOC training of the season today in Graulinster. Thank you for your participation, see you in September.

Class First name Last name Result Rank
Deer JULIEN GAFFURI 1:31:35 1
Deer ATTE AALTO 1:59:02 3
Deer BENCE BOJTI 2:03:08 4
Deer GERHARD GARBAS 2:48:25 6
Deer AGNE'S TEAM    3:25:03 7
Deer LUC KOBIA 3:43:30 DNF
Fox STAFFAN VOWLES 1:49:03 2
Fox JARO   2:23:29 3
Fox HELLE MAJANDER 2:39:10 5
Fox ZSOFIA'S TEAM   1:39:21 DNF
Rabbit REBECCA   1:10:20 1
Rabbit LASZLO HORKAY +2 2:28:08 2
Rabbit ERZSEBET HORKAY +2 2:28:29 3
Rabbit JOSE MIGUEL PELEATO +3 3:16:57 4
Rabbit TIBOR HAVASI +1 1:49:33 DNF
Squirrel JANA + TOMAS 0:46:30 1
Squirrel MARTIN + MAREK 0:52:10 2
Squirrel ARON GEREBEN 1:02:30 3
Squirrel JENNY with REBECCA 1:06:03 4
Squirrel BALAZS ZS' TEAM   1:07:30 5
Squirrel ORSI'S TEAM   1:12:20 6


Jukola 2019 "live" "coverage"

 June 6th        orienteering  race         7    

This year Jukola has attracted almost 20 000 runners among them a team from Luxembourg. After finishing on 1190th position in 2015, year we finished 599th last year and gained a starting position closer to the starting line here in Kangasala, so needed given the arrangement of the start corridor this year. We plan to run in the following order:

599 Luxembourg Orienteering Club LUX

1 Jevgenijs Sproge 10,9 dusk/dark
2 Jonas Wolff 10,5 km dark
3 Ondřej Kotecký 13,2 km dark/dawn
4 David Roach 7,3 km dawn/daylight
5 Jan Slíva 7,8 km daylight
6 Olena Pitirimova 11,1 km daylight
7 Oleksandr Rybakov 12,9 km daylight

Follow the competion live

Those not travelling can follow the endeavours of the team through the organiser's websites: for live feed and for online results

In addition, the public broadcaster YLE is sending live from the competition in  Finnish and Swedish These are restricted to a Finnish IP-adress, so this is for the as well IT-savy as polyglot!

And few quotes about the terrain by the course setter:

There are very few marshes or ditches.

The area is woodland with barely any man-made paths. The paths will be created during the competition by the feet of the previous runners.

One should ignore small-scale deviations (in this case meaning stones and smaller boulders) and concentrate on larger and more obvious landforms.

The map this year...

The connaisseurs say that the mapmaker has the habit to make very generalized maps and the snippets show they're right. We trained in a terrain where the map was not dissimilar from the above and a generalization will make the map readable.

... and the terrain should look something like this

or this:

Honza, which one is ours?

The weather is announced to become fair when Olena starts her Venla leg wearing OK Orion's colours. Jevgenijs will have the sun setting in his back.

Meanwhile in Tampere

And meanwhile in Karis


The "balisage" started 75 kilometers from the event center.

The starting block is quite unusual this year: the runners will be aligned in rows by 10, in blocks by 100, on a road. The pack of first leggers will be 450 meters long! Jonas on Jevgenijs' position 599, some 10 hours before the sharp start.

This is how it looked like when the same number of women started this afternoon:

2 hours 45 minutes and many mistakes later for certain favourites, Fredrikstad SK celebrated the victory.

Our team is complete, Sasha and Olena went to get some sleep. The organizers are praising small countries that aligned their teams. Jevgenijs is gone to the warm-up area from which there is no way back.

The relay is started. But please, don't think of start as an instant, rather as a moment with a certain duration - it takes two and half minutes before the back works it through to the starting line!

Can you spot Jevgenijs?!

Good morning Kangasala!

It's quarter to five, Sun rose an hour ago, Jevgenijs and Jonas delivered, Ondra is muddy and bloody, David is out and Honza impatient, the Sild brothers fly and after nearly six hours of race Andreas Kyburz running for IL Tyrving is in the lead with mere 5 seconds ahead of the second.

And came back happy after stripping some 57 places!

Olena and Sasha run an excellent race both. Olena, get well soon !

We did not win this year (remark the four Svensk brothers in the winning team of Stora Tuna)

but finished 24 places better than last year despite the physically  very demanding terrain full of bull-head sized rocks and branches on the ground that only nordic runners fly across without noticing.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge. Part of Jonas' second leg.

And the GPS tracking if top teams is available here.

See you next week in Vielsalm!


Orienteering for Scouts

 May 25th        Luxembourg  training         1    

I gave a short introduction to orienteering to the Telstar Scout troop in Parc-Klose-Groendchen (Kirchberg) on Thursday 23 May. Our daughter is part of the troop.

The scouts were aged between six and eight, and I showed them how to use a compasss, what a feature was, and what to look out for on a map.

I set a five-control course of just over 1km. The Scouts have four groups (or 'lodges') so I set a different route for each of them. They all arrived back within a few minutes of each other.

Afterwards I told them all about our club, and for any of them who are interested to ask their parents to come to one of our events. It was popular with the leaders and I've been asked to do it again next year.

For information I got permission from the Fonds Kirchberg, who also asked me to get permission from Administration de la Nature et des Forêts as well. They both responded within a day to the request.

Challenging routes in Bambesch

 May 24th      

On Sunday, 19 May, Elisabet organized a training exercise for LuxOC in the Bambesch. Surprisingly, it turned out that our old map still offers possibilities for challenging orienteering routes, especially the eastern part with its ups and downs and runnable, hidden forest parts. Eighteen runners or teams had a choice between 5 different routes. This time the event attracted not just the habitual families with kids but also adults including a couple of orienteers from Hungary and Spain, respectively, who had just moved to Luxembourg and are now looking forward to becoming members. Also, much to our delight, two former club members showed up as they were spending their holiday in Luxemburg: Annemarie and Ritva from Finland.

Here are the results:

Course A:
Miki 12'
Vitek & Thomas 22'
Ciolabaya Volna 34'
Enright 41'

Course B:
Ciolabaya Volna 49'
Jamaan & Saan 62'

Course C:
Miki 21'
Matthias 34'
Vitek & Thomas DNF

Course D:
Agne 27'
Ludger 34'
Jakob 37'

Course E:
Sascha 25' (including time spent collecting some flags J)
Inga 34'
Brigitta 38'
Ritva 39'
Robert 40'
Bence 42'
Mark 69'
Paul (CNF because of missing flags that Sasha had collected ....)

WOW - World Orienteering Week breaks records

 May 20th        Luxembourg       

LuxOC's annual World Orienteering Week event was held on Thursday 16 May.

Records were broken! We had more participants this year than ever before, and were delighted to welcome several non-members, both "first-timers" and orienteers who "just happened to be in Luxembourg". It was great to see Ritva, one of our founding members, passing back through Luxembourg. And we think we broke a WORLD record, by having 15 different nationalities participating!

Here are the final results - thanks to Michael Hock of Helga for making them look pretty.

Big thanks to all involved - mostly to Orsi, for letting us turn her front garden into the pre-start area, and for generously hosting our post-event social with much food and drink.

Also to Julien, for much digital magic in adding contours and a "zoom" of the Coque Maze to our map, and teaching planner David how to use PurplePen, the cool app that draws courses on the map. The contours were rather important, as they shaped several of the route choices, especially the 1.4km long leg (6 to 7) on the Deer course. Planner David was delighted that the top three runners each seemed to have taken a different route - but he apologises profusely for not spotting that builders had blocked a path just near the European School, which slightly spoilt the route that he thought was the best one. Which way would you go?

And lastly to Jurgen and Jana for helping to collect the controls afterwards - bikes are so much quicker. 

We'll definitely be having more evening urban events of this type - next one probably in the autumn.


David - Planner and Organiser

Successful opening of the 2019 training season

 April 3rd        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  training         1    

We lost count of how many people turned up in the Kirchberg Arboretum on the last, sunny day of March, but we are certain that there were more than 80 participants all in all, out of which at least 50 children. We even managed to convince a passer-by dog walker to try out a course! We can safely say that orienteering is getting popular in Luxembourg, even if most kids were just walking, getting to know the map.

Watch out for the next event on 27th April!

New forum section: Classifieds

 February 28th      

You got used to the Forum of our website, it's mainly used through the event and news pages. With the new season behind the door, we have a new section to offer for sale or give away orienteering gear: Classifieds.

For the moment it has a clear shortcoming: it is not possible to accompany the offers with photos. An issue to be solved later. For the moment please be patient and write thousand words instead of an image.

You'll need to be logged-in to access the page.

Take the long way home

 February 10th        training  LuxOC organisation         5    

Seven brave runners challenged the cold rain and showed up for the year's prime training event. The intention was to saty as close to, according to ones own abilities, the red line trespassing the deep but hardl untouched Grengewald between Gonderange and Helmsange. Everyone drifted somewhat from the, admittedly loosely, prescribed corridor but also made to the end before nightfall, to the big relief of the organiser.

This is an easy way to organise something at least resebling orienteering in Luxembourgish forests and we will surely try something similar again...sometime.

See the participants enjoying well deserved awards afterwards.

Water window on Gebranntebësch

 December 9th        LuxOC organisation  private         6    
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Exciting escalades in Esch-sur-Sure

 December 2nd        LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg  orienteering         1    

The 2018 Club and National Championships were held in beatiful Esch-sur-Sure. 29 runners bravely challenged the weather and although it stopped raining just in time for the event. However, the rain had made the ground, rocks and stairs slippery in places; something that had to be factored in in selecting route-choices.

The results below show runnig times and corrected time where coefficients recognising gender and age are factored in.

Congratulations to our Champions!


Old   Class Coefficient Corrected Time Running Time
1 Ondřej Kotecký H40 0.92 00:15:11 00:16:30
2 Michaela Kotecká D40 0.77 00:15:28 00:20:05
3 Maggie Roach D60 0.53 00:16:05 00:30:21
4 Andrea Bartelloni H35 0.92 00:16:54 00:18:22
5 Julien Gaffuri  H35 0.92 00:17:00 00:18:29
6 Gabriela Zambo D40 0.77 00:18:06 00:23:31
7 Elisabet Wirtz D45 0.67 00:19:24 00:28:58
8 Elisabeth Schintgen D21 0.82 00:19:51 00:24:13
9 Michel Schintgen H21 1 00:20:04 00:20:04
10 Inga Ausekle D40 0.77 00:20:10 00:26:11
11 Atte Aalto H21 1 00:20:29 00:20:29
12 Jan Sliva H45 0.86 00:21:40 00:25:12
13 Filip Kroupa H40 0.92 00:21:57 00:23:51
14 Brigitta Gersey D21 0.82 00:23:44 00:28:57
15 Balazs Duhi H21 1 00:24:26 00:24:26
16 Helle Majander D21 0.82 00:24:32 00:29:55
17 Sven Göbel H40 0.92 00:24:38 00:26:47
18 David Roach H60 0.77 00:24:41 00:32:04
19 Robert Hembrow H21 1 00:27:05 00:27:05
20 Ludger Wirtz H45 0.86 00:29:02 00:33:45
21 Martin Weiss H40 0.92 00:31:58 00:34:45
22 Oleksandr Rybakov H35 0.92 00:40:09 00:43:38
hc Anatolij Dunaev H35 0.92 00:18:06 00:19:40
1 Marie Anna Kotecká D10 0.86 00:10:24 00:12:06
2 Jacob Wirtz H12 1 00:13:19 00:13:19
3 Jonáš Kotecký H8 0.71 00:15:30 00:21:50
4 Jáchym Kotecký H8 0.71 00:17:56 00:25:15
5 Matthias Wirtz H10 0.86 00:17:57 00:20:52
6 Mikuláš&Ema Slíva H12 1 00:19:27


Winter welcoming in Marscherwald

 November 25th        training  LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg  orienteering  private         1    
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Annual general meeting

 November 23rd        meeting       

The clubs Annual General Meeting will be held at the club seat at 55 am Steffesgaart, Sandweiler, on Wednesday January 16 2019. More information will follow in due course.

Invitation to Club Champs

 November 21st        LuxOC organisation  race  Luxembourg       

Please find invitation to 2018 Club Championships in the Calendar:

Rainless training in Parc Klose-Groendchen

 November 11th        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  training       

48, 30 and 0 – these are the most important numbers related to our latest training: 48 participants, 30 control points and 0 drops of rain (which is close to a miracle on a wet day like that).

The most enthusiastic and successful participant is definitely Jan Panuška, who ran 3 different courses and won all of them!

The longest course (the so-called “Norwegian master map” map memory game) was won by Julien – is it because he drew the map himself and knows every nook and cranny? Next time in this terrain he’ll have to run with his eyes closed :-)

And the three fastest runners of each course:

Squirrel 1 (1000 m)

1) Jan, 10:05

2) Jáchym, 12:50

3) Marjánka and Jonáš, 18:11


Squirrel 2 (1000 m)

1) Jan, 11:35

2) Jáchym, 16:10

3) Marjánka and Jonáš, 21:31


Rabbit (2200 m)

1) Jan, 23:35

2) Eva, 31:00

3) Christos, 53:30


Deer (map memory) (3300 m)

1) Julien, 24:54

2) Sasha, 28:20

3) Miša, 32:00


Thanks to the helpers: Jonas (for putting out checkpoints, welcoming people and organizing the weather), plus Sasha and Miša for collecting flags afterwards.

Luxembourg orienteering championship 2018

 November 6th      

The Luxembourg orienteering championship 2018 will be held on Sunday, 2nd December. More details are coming later, check the event page from time to time.

Luxembourg sprints sunlit Sunday

 October 22nd        5    

Few photos from the yesterday, organisators' perspective.

And a 1.5D rerun of a resolute LuxOC runner, taken from the start of the second sprint on:

Orienteering on Limpertsberg

 October 14th        1    

Today, we had a great start into the series of five orienteering events organized by LuxOC members in this fall season. About 40 runners met on a sunny Sunday morning in the Tony Neuman park on Limpertsberg. A new map, prepared by E. Wirtz, make the runners explore the beautiful park on a steep slope as well as the surrounding residential areas of Limpertsberg and Rollingergrund. Five different courses were offered from the very easy children's run of 0.5 km to the advanced adult version of 2.9 km where runners had to go down and climb up the hill at least three times. One could hardly get lost in this area, however, the choice of the best route was quite challenging. It could very well happen (and did happen) that you found yourself on the wrong side of the fence 1 meter away from the next control post.

Here the results (errors in the timing cannot be excluded):

A: children easy 0,5 km

  • Marie Anna 5'
  • Jan 10'
  • Les filles 11'
  • Matthias 11'
  • Tomas 11'
  • Vitek 14'
  • Jonas 20'
  • Jachym (without timing)

B: children middle 1,0km

  • Agne 12'
  • Jan 18'
  • Mikulas 18'
  • Vitek 26'
  • cha-man 41'
  • Les sisters 42'
  • Damel Mukai 52'
  • Juna & Myntje 65'
  • Misa (did not finish)

C: families 1,1km

  • Jan 18'
  • Mikulas 22'
  • Matthias 27'
  • Les filles 35'
  • Tomas 58'
  • Jachym (without timing)

D: children difficult 2,3km

  • Jakob 36'
  • Marie Anna 38'
  • Sandra 50'

E: adults 2,9km

  • Kriss 27'
  • Marek 33'
  • Atte 34'
  • Robert 35'
  • David 38'
  • Helle 38'
  • Jan & Eva 39'
  • Anne-Laure 41'
  • Agne 42'
  • Brigitta 43'
  • Ludger 45'
  • Zita's lost team 89' (including a stop in a bar)
  • Stefano 42' (one control missing)
  • Maggie (did not finish)

LuxOC Ladies 4th in Belgian Relay Champs

 September 9th        Belgium  orienteering         1    

Luxembourg Orienteering ladies’ Masters A team finished just five minutes shy of the bronze medal in the Belgian Relay Championships on Sunday, 9 September. Maggie, Orsi and Misa came in fourth, behind Belgian teams ASUB, Omega and ARDOC.

LuxOC fielded a record four squads and did respectably well in other classes, too. In the men’s Open category, Yevgeny, Sasha and Ondra finished eighth, beating a number of elite Belgian orienteers. In the women’s Open, Gabi, Agne and Anne-Laure came in seventh. The men’s Masters A team sadly was not classified due to a control mixup on one of the legs. Meanwhile, Jan teamed up with SudOLux, who finished eighth in a Masters A race won – somewhat surprisingly – by Michael Hock’s ARDOC.

Anne-Laure at the finish line

The championships took place in Les Fosses, some 45 minutes away from Luxembourg, on the southernmost part of an eponymous map which had never before been used for an official event. The terrain was a typical Belgian mixture of pale and deep green, with vegetable boundaries barely discernible and one or two areas where finding anything at all was down to pure luck – some competitors dubbed the race a “guessing game.”



Steep hills, raspberries and deer feeding in Trier

 July 1st        Germany  LuxOC organisation  training  orienteering       

Thanks for all the 24 participants for coming to Weisshauswald on Saturday. One of them cycled all the way from Luxembourg just to conquer the steep slopes (check out the map sample attached).

Those who didn’t concentrate only on the map and the flags could enjoy the wild raspberries and even make friends with the local deer population.

Have a lovely summer and see you in the autumn training sessions!

Jukola 2018 "live" "coverage"

 June 16th        orienteering  monthly event       

In this news article you may find photos uploaded progressively throughout the day and night.


On Friday, tents are up, few chairs and a jar with water ready for Saturday. Is our tent be the most visible tomorrow too?

The competition terrain was difficult during a day training. How will it be at night?!

At quarter to three, at about the time of the first exchange of the Venla relay, a smaller tornado swept the competition centre and removed some maps from the map fence. Chris: "The tornado looked hilarious on the web stream from the drone."

Simone Nigli says at the finish line of her third leg that after yesterday's training she was scared but today it was easier and beautiful.

Honza nd Jonas following the tense fourth leg.

Stora Tuna winning the Venla relay.

Maggie and David are just soaking up the evening sun with a quiet sports drink. Blue skies and an amazing atmosphere.

Last preparations:

In one minute the sun sets in the ... North !

1 minut to the start, check your number!

Jevgenijs at the first tv control...

What's that flag??

Good morning Finland! So what happened during the night? Jevgenijs ran his first lag with a very respectable time and gained 300 places with regard to the starting position. This is far from obvious given the number of people running in lines and the difficult terrain where traces are only being formed.

Ondra and Sasha had the deepest night, with red sky in the North. Except deeper depressions forest was not dark completely, partially thanks to many lamps around.

Jonas is now back, with a twisted ankle, David out there in the long morning shades and Honza is getting ready.

Koovee crosses the finish line with a comfortable 4 minutes gap to the second, also favourite, IFK Göteborg, another 4 minutes in front of Paimion Rasti.

Jan battling and Cedric getting ready for the mass start as the changeover will be missed just by a few.

A snapshot of a GPS track from an area we've visited tonight and that Cedric will certainly cover with his 15km leg. Some areas were covered with many shallow holes, others were completely flat or - on the contrary - drilled with 30m deep depressions. Here on MapAnt the equidistance is 2.5 metres.

And the same area on a true map.

Cedric flies: 10.3km in 1:08. Five more kilometers to go.

Jan back in finish.

And short before 11am Finish time Cedric is in the finish. We'll wait a moment begore the final result is confirmed.

Not an official result but a stable figure unlikely to change is: 599.

Covered were 142 controls on 82 kilometers, all punched correctly! With an average speed 9:14 per kilometer, in this very difficult terrain that Finns described as extraordinarily difficult (as if their other terrains were not!)

And this seems to be nearly the end of the adventure of a 6-month long training (with an average of over 400km per team mate, for those who logged since the end of February), several preparation sessions in type-specific terrains kindly organised by Jonas (thank you! these trainings certainly saved dozens of minutes to everyone of us during the race as we learned how to move in this difficult karst terrain) and one long night full of lights.

We would like to debrief and simply see each other before the summer comes. Maybe on one Wednesday evening in Bambësch. Depending on the weather. The date and the modalities are to be confirmed.

Results from the World Orienteering Day

 June 7th      

The results from the World Orienteering Day in Howald are available in Helga:

High grass and palm trees

 June 3rd        LuxOC organisation  training  Luxembourg       

Many thanks to the 50 participants, of all ages and levels but all highly motivated and enthousiast, who managed to navigate in such green and flowered park. Check out the ticks ! Find attached the maps.



25' 50'' - Oleksandr
28' 15'' - Jevgenijs
36' 21'' - Jonas
41' 02'' - Jan
42' 5'' - André
42' 34'' - Inga
43' 4'' - Filip
43' 23'' - Orsi
55' 40'' - Renelde
56' 15'' - David R.
56' 28'' - Staffan
56' 39'' - Elvire
1h 6' 10'' - Brigitta
1h 10' 40'' - Robert
1h 18' 30'' - David S.
UNK - Morag


31' 0'' - Maggie
59' 20'' - Emma

Squirrel 1

27' 13'' - Mick & Emma

May grass in Mersch

 May 17th        LuxOC organisation  training       

On Sunday some of you came by bike, others by train, one ran in, another ran back home. Few pictures from the park and two samples of the exercises: an A or B circuit with penalty checkpoints for those who answer wrong, and simple but swift courses with many control points. We were nicely surprised how well did the children understand the countour lines!

Thanks for coming and see you next time. (And special thanks to Inga for the warm cider!)

World Orienteering Day 2018 - Wed 23 May

 May 3rd        LuxOC organisation  training       

World Orienteering Day is on Wednesday 23 May this year. The International Orienteering Federation is hoping to have 500,000 people doing an orienteering activity that day. LuxOC's contribution will be a very informal "semi-urban" event in Howald and Houwald (the woodland next to Howald). Three courses - 2.0km (easy), 4.5km (moderate), or 6.5km (hard, lots of hills!). Starts from 19.00 until 20.00. All welcome, members or not!

Full details are attached.

April showers in Bambësch!

 April 29th        LuxOC organisation  training       

Today morning at 7:30, when I arrived in the Bambësch to depose the first flags, I was wondering who would come to my training on this rainy Sunday morning. Only 5 family had inscribed. If they did not appear for bad weather reasons or illness my whole work would be useless.

Nevertheless I was enjoying to be alone in a forest in the early morning and the leafs were protecting me against all the raindrops...

But luckily, at the end, 20 different teams showed up and did at least one run each. Among the runners were a lot of Czech nationals, thanks to the strong Czech community! Unfortunately in run D the flag number 13 was missing at the end.

Hope to see you next time again, Elisabet

Here the results, but notice that the times are approximative:

Run A (very easy, children alone)

  1. Conie (10 Min.)
  2. Mila-Dani (11 Min.)
  3. Katrina (15 Min.)
  4. Vitek (20 Min.)
  5. Matthias (23 Min.)

Run B (families beginners or children alone)

  1. E and S (12 Min.)
  2. Sofija (28 Min.)
  3. Conie (28 Min.)
  4. Katrina (32 Min.)
  5. Zawrel (30 Min.)
  6. Böhm (35 Min.)
  7. Vitek (46 Min.)
  8. Cramer-Trio (52 Min.)
  9. Barni (55 Min.)

Run C (advanced families or children alone)

  1. Eva (20 Min.)
  2. Ian (25 Min.)
  3. Katrina (29 Min.)
  4. Emma (33 Min.)
  5. Matthias (shortcutted)

Run D

  1. Staffan (33 Min.)
  2. David (38 Min.)
  3. Marek (40 Min.)
  4. Maggie (47 Min.)
  5. Sofija (67 Min.)
  6. Paul (until flag 13)
  7. Jakob (until flag 13)

Feedback from 2 december training in Senningerberg

 December 2nd        LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg       

See below the result of today's run. Congratulations to all participants, especially the newcomers ! Find the map here.


  Name Points Time Age
1 Elise 160 02:14 12,8 134 38,8
2 Agnes 145 02:26 33,35 146 32,35
3 Inga 80 01:15 12,8 75 17,8
4 Orsi 100 01:42 17 102 15
5 Maggy 45 01:11 15,75 71 -10,25
6 Marina & Veronica 40 02:08 6 128 -82


  Name Points Time Age
1 Ondra 145 01:22 21,75 82 84,75
2 Kriss 160 01:38 19,2 98 81,2
3 Jonas 120 01:20 31,2 80 71,2
4 Fabrizio 160 02:20 38,4 140 58,4
5 Balasz 145 01:54 10,15 114 41,15
6 Jose 120 02:15 52,8 135 37,8
7 David R 90 01:33 32,4 93 29,4
8 David S 135 03:14 20,25 194 -38,75


  Name Points Time Age
1 Didzis/Abole 35       35

Vote for "Course of the Year"

 November 23rd      

Please note that the Luxembourg City Race has been nominated for "Course of the year" at If you liked it, please go ahead and vote for it!

Live results

 November 5th        LuxOC organisation       

You'll find live results on Helga:

Start list now published

 October 30th        LuxOC organisation       

The start list for the City Race next Sunday has now been published. All start times - which are between 10.00 and 11.30 - can be seen by following this link

Please remember that you should allow 20 minutes to get from the Event Centre to the Start.

Juniors and Children (Courses E and F) do not have set start times - they are all listed as having a start at 00.00.00. This should give the flexibility that parents often appreciate. As soon as they present themselves at the Start, Juniors and Children will be given the next available start time within the 10.00 to 11.30 overall period of start times.

Please contact the Organiser via Enable JavaScript to view protected content. if the start time you have been allocated is going to be a problem, and we will do our best to help you. However, please note that Courses B and C are now 90% plus subscribed, and so there is very restricted capacity for change, or entry on the day, on these two courses.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Pre-entries have now closed! Start list will be published on the evening of Monday 30 October

 October 29th        LuxOC organisation       

Pre-entries have now finally closed for the City Race next Sunday. There are almost 300 runners, with clubs from 14 countries participating.

Final Details for the event have been posted on our City Race sub-website.

If you have not yet entered, and would still like to run, entries on the day will be available, until map stocks run out. Please note however that Courses B and C are already nearly fully subscribed, so only a few places are left on these courses.

As already announced, because of the unexpectedly high number of entries, we have had to change our original plans - all pre-entrants (except for Courses E and F - Juniors and Children) will now be allocated a start time. The start list will be published on the evening of Monday 30th October.

Juniors and Children will not have set start times - this should give the flexibility that parents often appreciate. Juniors and Children will be given the next available start time as soon as they present themselves at the Start.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Please come early!

 October 19th        LuxOC organisation       

Final city race details were published.

Originally we had intended not to allocate any start times, and for competitors to simply queue at the start for the next available start time. However, there will now be a start list, with all pre-entrants being allocated a start time. We apologise for this change in organisation. However this has become necessary because of the unexpectedly high level of pre-entries received. The start list will be posted on the website on Monday 30 October.

If you count on an entry on the day, please plan to come early. The last start time is 11.30 – rather earlier than at many events. And you need to allow 15-20 minutes to get from the Event Centre to the Start.

Orienteering in Kirchberg

 October 8th        LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg  training       

Yes: there is life in Kirchberg on Sundays! Around 50 persons, including many highly motivated children, came and enjoyed a fresh orienteering afternoon. See the route maps and the blank map, with few photos:

Autumn season starts

 September 20th      

The autumn season started with our participation on Belgian club relays where one men and one women teams defended our colors. The event calendar is rather packed, some of us travel to the Belgian long distance champs this weekend, other events will follow. Keep an eye on the calendar and certaily do not miss the first first championship of the Grand Duchy organized in Trier on October 21st.

Throughout the following months several trainings on maps will be organized. Most of the time one or more courses for children and beginners are offered but experienced adults will be satisfied too. The agenda is being finalized, stay tuned!

One highlight of the season will be the race we organize in the city. For the day volunteers will be needed but you will have the opportunity to run too.

Before the summer break on Wednesday evenings we ran together from the park in Bambësch. The qgendq for this fall will be published during the weekend.

See you soon!

Kids run at Remich - Sunday 24 September

 August 30th        Luxembourg  trail       

Not orienteering - but the Route du Jus de Raisin fun run for children under 13 is taking place at Remich on the afternoon of Sunday 24 September. More information here -

And there is of course the Route du Vin half marathon for fit grown ups - all good training for orienteering!

City Race - entries opening soon!

 August 6th        LuxOC organisation       

Preparation for the first-ever Luxembourg City Race, to be held on Sunday 5 November 2017, is going well.

We now have an advertisement for the City Race, and entries - using - can be made from 1 September onwards.

Come and be part of history!

Feedback from 25 june training in Senningerberg

 July 4th        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  orienteering  training  trail  private       
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See our (simplified) orienteering map of Luxembourg !

 May 30th        Luxembourg  orienteering       

Following the example of open orienteering map, we now have our own simplified orienteering map of the whole country: See HERE !

This map is not a proper orienteering map of course but may be used for some kind of events such as street orienteering, trail running orienteering and mountain bike orienteering. The maximum scale is approximativelly 1:15000. If you want a proper printable PDF file of an area, ask us !

World Orienteering Day – in Sandweiler on 24 May

 May 19th        Luxembourg       

Here are some more details for our small and informal run on World Orienteering Day!

Luxembourg City Race on Sunday 5 November 2017 - save the date!

 May 12th        Luxembourg       

Good news - the Luxembourg Ville authorities have confirmed that LuxOC can organise our first City Race - and the date set is Sunday 5 November.

Over the summer we will be updating and slightly extending Ondra Pijak's existing urban orienteering map of the Vieille Ville, the Grund and the Petrusse. Ondra Kotecky and Jevgeny Sproge are our course planners - we will be offering a Middle Distance race, with all the classes for competitition that the Euro City tour offers, right up to Mens' and Women's Ultra-Vets, for over 65's.

David Roach is the event organiser. He hopes that as many club members as possible will be available on the day to help make the race happen, and allow "job-sharing" so that all club members can run, too.

Watch out for advertisements for the City Race, and more information, over the summer. This will be LuxOC's first effort at organising an event open to all orienteers - let's hope it will be a big success. We certainly have one of the most interesting and challenging areas for urban orienteering in Europe - well worth coming some distance for! Here's a preview.

Training in Mersch

 May 6th        training  Luxembourg       

26 adults and 28 kids are drying their shoes at home now, after a rainy training in Mersch park. The weather didn’t seem to bother anyone, and some even said orienteering is more fun if it's wet!

Check out the photos here, you can even see how the flags are drying, already back at home. And have a look at the maps, attached below.

LuxOC 12th in Belgian Club Relay Championships

 April 26th      

LuxOC contested the spring edition of the Belgian Club Relay Championships last weekend, coming in 12th out of 30 teams. Jan, Jonas, Elisabet, Anne-Laure, Ritva and Chris were greeted with open arms and a touch of curiousity by the Belgian clubs ("Oh, there's a club in Luxembourg? Fantastic that you've managed to put a full team together!"). In a lovely, runnable forest in southern Ardennes, LuxOC clocked 5:45.47 over six legs (5k,7k,3k,5k,3k,7k), some 45 minutes shy of the Top 10.

Photos (including many featuring LuxOC relay members) accessible below:

Full results here:

We're looking forward to the autumn edition in Flanders!

Follow our Tiomila-team online

 April 21st        race       

"...and meanwhile, in dark corners of 10 offices of high-profile European agencies, high-tech companies and law firms in Luxembourg, coffee is sipped, terrain and earlier maps are patiently studied..."

Our club team has spent recent months in physical, technical, mental and spiritual training and preparation for the Tiomila relay in Sweden. The relay will start at 9 pm in the evening of April 29 and the winning team is expected to finish at around 7 am the following morning. Our team is expected to need a little more time than that.

Anyway, you can and should follow the excitement online.Intermediate results will be published continously on the competition homepage and there will be a live stream with speaker sound and live footage from the arena and even the forest. There will even be parallel streams with commentary in Swedish, Finnish and English. To follow the live feed you need to pay a small fee and register at This service will be available not only for the night but alos for the youth relay (starting 10:30 on Saturday April 29), the women's relay (starting 13:15 on satuday April 29) and the night relay.

If you want to check the quality of the production before paying up, you can check last year's feed htat has been published as a series of youtube videos (Swedish only),

In any case you should cheer for our team, listed below in the intended running order:

Leg Nr km Type Runner
1 10.5 day/dusk/night Jevgenijs
2 11.9 night Jonas
3 7 night Roland
4 16.8 night unforked Ondra
5 7.3 night/dusk/day Míša
6 7.3 day Marie
7 11.6 day Jan
8 9.7 day unforked Pascal
9 7.6 day Andrew
10 15.6 day Staffan
Manager David

Coque map inaugural training

 April 2nd        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  training  orienteering       

The training took place and despite a fresh temperature, around 50 persons took part and found their way out of the maze... If you missed it, you can still have a look at the maps !

LuxOC in 10mila 2017

 January 8th      

Following an exciting and adventurous trip to the Jukola relay two years ago the club moves further into the upper echelons of internationla orienteering by sending a team to the Tiomila relay in Sweden at the end of April. Tiomila being a large relay similar to Jukola but older, longer, darker, wetter and colder.

Following an initial expression of interest among the members, the offer was extended to potentially interested runners in the vicinity. Today, we have 10 confirmed and committed runners: Jevgenis, Jonas, Roland, Ondra, Misha, Jan, Andrew, Staffan, Jan and Jonas as well as the reinforcemtns Pascal and Marie from VALMO. In addition, David has promised to join us as a team manager and substitute runner.

With less than three months to go, the team is busy studying old maps and collecting basic training kilometers. We'll inform about our preparation closer to the event and eventually you'll be able to follow the race even online. In the meantime, please find the homepage with some basic information here:

Welcome to SudOLux !

 December 19th        Belgium       

We are happy to announce that LuxOC has a new twin brother across the Belgian border: SudOLux orienteering club was created last Sunday by a group of motivated and experienced Belgian orienteers willing to boost the practice of orienteering in the south of Belgium, in an area within 1 hour driving distance from Luxembourg city. Some synergies between our clubs are foreseen. LuxOC members willing to join an additional Belgian club in 2017 are encouraged to join SudOLux to support them !

New: Check their website out.

Christmas night street score event and social evening

 November 22nd        private       
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Yet another sunny training !

 October 30th        Luxembourg  LuxOC organisation  training  private       
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Sun shines for our kids' training afternoon

 October 19th        training  private       
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LuxOC Finishes in Top Half at Belgian Club Relay Championships

 October 6th        race  Belgium       

After a three-year hiatus, LuxOC has again competed in the annual Belgian club relay championships – and didn’t do badly at all! Jan, Ondra, Elisabet, Misa, Maggie and Jonas (in that order) came in 17th out of 39 teams, clocking 4 hours, 20 minutes and 12 seconds, 48 minutes behind the winners and only 24 minutes shy of the Top 10. Contested on the Zwarte Weg map (1:7 500), the legs were 5-7-3-5-3-7 kilometers. The title went to C.O. Liege with Tristan Bloemen narrowly beating TROL’s Benjamin Anciaux on the last leg.

Braving cold and damp weather at the military grounds near Leopoldsburg in the Limburg Province, the competitors faced a fairly passable forest interspersed with lots of ditches and trenches and flanked by vast sandy heaths. Given the abundance of roads and paths and an easy layout, the race favored fast runners, with the top times per kilometer under 5 minutes.

Photos and maps from the race to follow ...


Next LuxOC Committee and Social Evening

 September 12th        meeting       

The next Committee and Social Evening will be held on Wednesday 5 October at 20.00 - at the Roaches' - 55 am Steffesgaart, L-5222 Sandweiler (the Club’s legal “seat”). Beer, wine, soft drinks and light bites provided - no need to bring anything!

All members are welcome - as usual, part of the evening will be a discussion of Club matters and plans.

World Masters Orienteering Championships - a medal for Luxembourg!

 September 12th        race       

The World Masters Orienteering Championships were held in Estonia from 6 to 13 August - around 4,000 runners took part, aged from 35 to over 90. And Luxembourg can claim a medal!

Annemari Vierikko ran brilliantly to secure 3rd place in the W50 class in the Sprint Final race, held in the heart of the old city of Tallinn. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go on to run in the Long races, held 60km east of Tallinn in intricate runnable pine forests - she had to rush straight from the Sprint medal ceremony to catch the ferry to Helsinki, ready to start her new teaching job back in Finland the following morning. So, sadly, a big loss for our club, but LuxOC can claim a share of her success.

Chris Scott, Inga Ausekle, and David and Maggie Roach also made the long trip north, but weren’t in contention for any of the top places. But the Luxembourg flag was prominently on display, and David Roach did the honours at the Opening Ceremony.

Join us !

 July 18th      

The membership procedure is described on this page.

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