Membership renewal

As noted above, the new membership year begins on 1 March each year. Membership fees for that year are set at the Assemblée Générale that takes place usually every January, some weeks before the start of the membership year.

In February, the Secretary will normally write to all members who have agreed to be contacted by email, asking them to renew their membership, and confirming the membership fees and how to pay them. (Note that the Club changed its bank to the Spuerkeess in April 2021 - the IBAN above is the correct one.) There will also be a request to let the Secretary know if there have been any changes to the information previously provided with a membership form - e.g., a new personal SPORTident timing chip number, or a change in a preferred email address or GSM number.

Payment of membership fees should preferably be made before 1 March. The Treasurer will usually then confirm safe receipt of the fee concerned, and that the membership has been renewed successfully.

It would also be appreciated if a member who does not wish to renew their membership could advise the Secretary at this juncture.

Members who are acquiring or retaining their FLA licence loisir for that calendar year should add the FLA annual fee of EUR 15 per licence to their Club membership fee payment, and note this on the bank transfer. Details on FLA licenses.

It should be noted that the FLA has operated a policy of auto-renewal of licences, and so bills the Club en bloc for licence fees for the ensuing year every January. This means that a member not wishing to continue as an FLA licence loisir holder for the following year should advise the Club Secretary of their decision before 30 November.