Option for members to join the Luxembourg Athletics Federation


In October 2020 the Club was welcomed as a member of the Luxembourg Athletics Federation, the Fédération Luxembourgeoise d’Athlétisme asbl (“the FLA”). Our affiliation is as a “Promoter Club”, not as a “Competing Club”. This means that the Club can organise road races and trail runs (but not track and field events, or traditional cross-country races) under the FLA’s umbrella. (The FLA’s statutes do not specifically foresee an affiliated club organising an orienteering event!

It is not mandatory for all members of any club affiliated to the FLA to “join” the FLA. The link between the members of any FLA-affiliated club and the FLA is simply through the FLA granting each athlete a “licence” to participate in events. Because the Club simply has Promoter Club status (we don’t plan to organise any track and field athletic events!), Luxembourg OC members can only apply for a leisure licence through our Club. (Any member who would like to have a “competition licence”, which allows a holder to take part in any national championships organised by or on behalf of the FLA, must join another “Competing Club” in order to get this.)

A “leisure licence” however still allows the holder to participate in most types of event on the FLA fixture lists, these being road races, trail runs, walking events, “challenges”, and any cross-country events open to leisure licence holders. No sports medical check-up is required. A leisure licence costs EUR 15 per person a year. Unfortunately, no “family” licence is offered by the FLA.

Why should Club members sign up for an FLA leisure licence?

There are several specific benefits:

  • Being formally allowed to enter FLA events – road races, trail runs etc., but not track and field – and be recognised as representing the Club at such events.
  • Reduced entry fees for such events.
  • A free FLA newsletter.
  • Automatically becoming part of two Luxembourg Ministry of Sport insurance schemes – one pays out medical costs (e.g. physiotherapy) if a member gets injured (the balance of any costs not covered by the CNS), the other is a life/accident insurance that pays out if a member is killed or seriously injured while participating or training.
  • The licence might be recognised by the French and Belgian orienteering federations – allowing lower entry fees, or removing the need to get certificats medicales?
  • Belonging to an official Luxembourg national sports organisation.

A further very good reason for signing up for an FLA leisure licence is that it emphasises that our Club is supporting the FLA and all its work for sport in Luxembourg. The Club's Board thus strongly encourages Club members to sign up with the FLA!

How to sign up for an FLA leisure licence

It’s fairly easy. Simply fill in the FLA form (attached below) – copy with this note. Check the “loisir” box. You also need to provide a recent passport photo, and a copy of a passport/ID card. Note that the medical report is not required, despite the form saying so.

Then please send the form, photo, and ID copy, not to the FLA (as the form says) but to Staffan Vowles, the Club Secretary, at 1a rue des Romains, L-7264 Helmsange. Staffan will counter-sign the form on behalf of the Club, and then send your application on to the FLA. (Or, please let Staffan know if you would prefer to send your application papers direct to the FLA – this can be done.) Lastly, please pay EUR 15 to the Club (IBAN: LU22 0019 5955 5007 4000) – this can be added to the Club’s annual membership fee. (The FLA will then bill the Club, to collect the leisure licence fee.)

You should receive your FLA leisure licence (a small plastic card) two weeks or so later.