Marvelous training weekend – a full and easy recipe

 April 29th        LuxOC organisation  Germany         3    


  • 4 fantastic organizers (preferably Cedric, Ondra, Gabi and Simon)

  • 30 eager participants from LuxOC (out of which 9 children)

  • 4 tricky maps, at least one possibly with loads of climbing and rocks

  • 1 sunny and 1 rainy day


Meet your friends on a sunny morning, have an easy run in pairs in the forest and just enjoy. Delude yourself that it will be just as easy the whole weekend. Then run among the ruins of Hohenburg Castle with several spiral staircases leading nowhere, a damp, pitch-dark cave not many dare to go through and legs that seem impossible. Sigh with relief – it can’t get more difficult than that!

Visit the sandstone caves in Homburg and look for footprints of lizards from 250 million years ago – from below. Relax in the sun, share your lunch (and water!) with friends, then go for a run again, as if you hadn’t had enough training already that day. Pretend not to be dead tired and smile.

With Irena as head of kitchen, Míša as chef and Cedric as pasta expert, cook spaghetti Bolognese in 7 pots. Eat together, entertain each other with funny orienteering stories, let beer and wine flow. Have fun. Celebrate the two surprised birthday-girls with singing and yummy cakes.

If it rains on Sunday morning, just ignore it. Visit as many rocks in the forest as possible, making sure that the one with the checkpoint next to it is the one you find last. Eat Bolognese again for lunch. Don’t show anyone how nervous you are before the relay. Just enjoy it and feel relief when you see the map: no climbing, no rocks! Fall twice in the brambles. Cheer your friends at the spectator control.

Be sad to say goodbye and decide to come next year.


If you were there, please share in the comment section what you liked best. If you weren’t, hopefully see you there next year!


Photos, more results and maps from the weekend

On this page.


  • janina

    janina 3 weeks ago

    Thank you to all organizers and everyone who helped making this weekend a reality. From someone who is very new to the sport, it was an important learning experience for me and am immensely grateful! Loved meeting all the orienteers that participated too!

  • Petr

    Petr 3 weeks ago

    It has been very intensive, still recovering... The recipe should be tagged with three chillis.

  • Irena

    Irena 2 weeks ago

    Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for a pretty challenging weekend.
    The best was the training in pairs with the transfer of experience.
    And a friendly international environment.

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