Club Championships - Sunday 16 October

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The map is made, the courses are planned, the control sites all checked… everything is ready for our annual Club Championships in two and a half weeks time! 

This year it’s on the morning of Sunday 16 October, and the event will be in Luxembourg - indeed, right in the Ville! The competition area is the Drai Eechelen woodland, and for the adults' course, Pfaffenthal - we are using half of the top-quality map that was made for the 2021 City Race. The meeting point is on the Place de l’Europe, behind the Philharmonie.

So be ready for some spectacular views, as well as a few steep hills!

The event is open to all Club members, as well as invited guests. It's planned so that all can participate, it’s not just for the fittest runners. The handicapping system gives everyone a better chance.

If you are thinking of taking part, there’s one change from the usual routine. Rather than signing up on this website, please - if you can - register using the Belgian O’Punch system , and please do this by midnight on Friday 14 October. This will make timing and preparing the results much easier for the organisers. And, although we’d prefer that you pre-register, we will still be taking entries on the day.

Attached is a sheet giving the full final details - course lengths etc.

Looking forward to having as many competitors as we can on 16 October.

David R - the organiser


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