LuxOC to Compete in Venla, Jukola

 June 13th        race       

After a three-year break due to COVID, LuxOC will once again contest Jukola next weekend - and also field a Venla relay for good measure. Misa, Gabi, Marie and Aurelie will represent us in Venla on Saturday, 18 June while Jevgenijs, Jonas, Sasha, Roland, Jan, Jerôme and Ondra will compete in Jukola overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The races will take place in a forest outside Mynämäki north of Turku. The largely flat terrain will be punctuated with many rocky hillsides and the map will feature that characteristic Finnish grey denoting large, mostly runnable moss-covered rocks. You can follow us here:

or of course via online results. We'll be grateful for your support!

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