LuxOC Ladies 4th in Belgian Relay Champs

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Luxembourg Orienteering ladies’ Masters A team finished just five minutes shy of the bronze medal in the Belgian Relay Championships on Sunday, 9 September. Maggie, Orsi and Misa came in fourth, behind Belgian teams ASUB, Omega and ARDOC.

LuxOC fielded a record four squads and did respectably well in other classes, too. In the men’s Open category, Yevgeny, Sasha and Ondra finished eighth, beating a number of elite Belgian orienteers. In the women’s Open, Gabi, Agne and Anne-Laure came in seventh. The men’s Masters A team sadly was not classified due to a control mixup on one of the legs. Meanwhile, Jan teamed up with SudOLux, who finished eighth in a Masters A race won – somewhat surprisingly – by Michael Hock’s ARDOC.

Anne-Laure at the finish line

The championships took place in Les Fosses, some 45 minutes away from Luxembourg, on the southernmost part of an eponymous map which had never before been used for an official event. The terrain was a typical Belgian mixture of pale and deep green, with vegetable boundaries barely discernible and one or two areas where finding anything at all was down to pure luck – some competitors dubbed the race a “guessing game.”




  • ondra

    ondra 6 years ago

    The terrain was difficult: with low visibility at places, no clear vegetation boundaries anywhere. It was difficult to keep contact with the map and once lost, impossible get quickly back due to the absence of clear features. I'm far from being good in this terrain so I'll like it some more time.

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