First training on new map in Bambësch

 October 11th        LuxOC organisation  training         3    

Following a long spell of forced inactivity, a first open training was held on Sunday. After a few weeks of rain, the weather cleared up suitably for the weekend to allow the 29 participants to enjoy a part of Bambësh, never mapped before. While the paths are well know for most leisure runners, the forest between can be full of surprises. 

The map has been procured during Summer and after our collected comments, surely a lot from today's participants, it will be put in its final form. Only a part of the mapped area was visited today, and we will return with more trainings in the Spring, and more surprises, next year.




  • Julien

    Julien 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this excellent training !

  • ondra

    ondra 4 years ago

    Indeed, the forests keeps some mysteries in its hidden parts. Jonas, many thanks for the organization!

  • Orsi

    Orsi 4 years ago

    Yes, thanks for this scenic checkpoint by the pond :-)
    Looking forward to a Covid-free training series in the spring!

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