LuxNUL 4 - the hills of Steinsel

 March 17th      

Nearly 20 competitors took part in round 4 of this year's Night Urban League. It was good to see a few new faces, as well as some long-time members turning out for their first LuxNUL run of the year. The evening's results are posted here.

Thanks to Staffan for both hosting the evening, and planning the courses. For the Deer (long) runners, it turned out that the pre-event information warning of "some climbing" was rather an understatement - while the course did offer some interesting route choices, no-one could escape going to the top of the village not once, but twice!

And mild apologies are due to everyone for the rather well-hidden, sneaky last control - the only feature that the SI timing unit could be attached to was a lamppost, behind a bush, behind a small electricity sub-station. But it was in the right place! 

Next week's (Wednesday 23 March) LuxNUL 5 will be in Limpertsberg - full details to be posted in a day or so - all welcome.

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