Results from training 24.9.2023

 September 24th        training         4    

A sunny sutumn day lured 29 starting entities to the charming village of Godbrange. The nearby forest proved to offer both the best and the worse of Luxembourg and while some praised the sandstone formation, some cursed the dense and high undergrowth. All of which was anticipated...

Results were originally calculated to the last control, now all the way to the finish line.





  • orsi

    orsi 8 months ago

    And some photos, from along the shortest course:

    • paulm

      paulm 8 months ago

      Thanks a lot for the pictures! :-)

  • Míša

    Míša 8 months ago

    Thx Jonas and Paul for organizing. It was tough but beautiful.

  • honza

    honza 8 months ago

    Thanks a lot for organizing this! A lovely morning!

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