LuxSUL 6 – a great garage party!

 September 21st        LuxOC organisation       

A big thanks to Elisabet and her family for hosting LuxOC and friends last week! Her garage is well located at one edge of the Limpertsberg area, and it made a great base for both runners and the organisation, as well as for post-run beers, drinks and snacks.

All much appreciated! By another record turnout – we were exactly 50 runners on the night, evenly split between the longer “Deer” course and the not-so-much-shorter “Rabbit” course.

Thanks to Cedric, for upgrading the Club’s map of the area to a fully professional standard, especially of Parc Tony Neuman and the University campus.

This meant that planner Sasha could make best use of these two more technically interesting areas. He opted to add some “butterflies” to the courses – these are where the course visits the same control twice, or even three times, making part of the course into a small loop. So, the courses had plenty of twisting and turning, as well as longer route-choice legs across the grid of the Limpertsberg streets. The "Rabbit" course ended up a little on the long side (it’s meant to be 3.0km), but no-one complained, it was such a lovely summer evening!

Thanks then to Sasha for such classy planning, and also to José for doing some extra night orienteering helping to get the controls in after the run. Fortunately he wasn’t caught while snooping around the university looking in dark places, and  using the light on his iPhone to undo the cable locks that safeguard our SportIdent timing units!

Cedric G again took the honours on the long “Deer” course – he now has 4 LuxSUL wins out of 4 to count in the series of 7 – so is almost inevitably going to be our overall 2023 LuxSUL “Deer” course league winner. He was over 5 minutes clear of second-placed Ondra – and so would pretty certainly have still been the winner even if he hadn’t done the mapping and thus been rather familiar with some parts of the area! Ondra is still likely to take the overall second place in the league, but this can’t be certain until after the final LuxSUL run in Bonnevoie, as Julien would still be in with a shout if he is there and gets a fourth good result.

On the “Rabbit” young Marianka put in an impressive run to win, putting the Sandweiler winner Jacques into second place by three minutes. At the moment, Jacques is also the LuxSUL “Rabbit “course league leader.  But this could all change in Bonnevoie, when some other runners put in their fourth qualifying time. Jacques should certainly be looking over his shoulder if either or both Inga or Elisabeth S show up and run the "Rabbit" carefully!

Full results for LuxSUL 6 are, as usual, on the Helga “Webres” website, at   

And the current cumulative LuxSUL positioning is shown on the linked spreadsheets, one for "Deer" and one for "Rabbit".

To remind everyone again again how the LuxSUL works, scores for each run are decided simply by how far behind that run's winner everyone ends up. The aggregate positioning is then set nearly as simply, by aggregating the scores for the runs done. But only the best four runs out of the seven LuxSULs in the series get counted – each counting run is highlighted in green on the spreadsheet. And the ranking also depends on how many counting scores there are – so anyone with only three runs that count will always be ranked behind anyone with four or more counting runs.

LuxSUL 7, the last 2023 LuxSUL, is on Thursday 28 September, in Bonnevoie. Full details of venue etc. should be on the website (via the calendar) very soon. Venez nombreux!

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