No luck for LuxOC at Belgian Relay Champs despite No. 13 bib

 September 10th        2    

David's post-race interview with the organizers - possibly the shortest he has ever given - summed it up neatly. "C'etait horrible," he retorted when asked how his race was. For LuxOC, the 2023 Belgian Relay Championships in the high grass and thorny thickets of the Elsenborn military camp were a far cry from previous years when we regularly cracked the top 10. Although it didn't have to be that way ... LuxOC 2, composed of the five members of the Kotecký family, ran supremely well and clocked the sixth fastest time overall after five legs, but an unfortunate oversight on the penultimate control of Jonáš's leg meant the team was disqualified. Regardless of the mispunch, 9-year-old Jonáš - the youngest of all 250 participants - was the undisputed star of the day, overing his 2.5K in what can only be described as lightning speed. He was closely followed by his siblings Jáchym (H12),10th on the opening leg, and Marjánka (D14), a fantastic fourth on Leg 4. LuxOC1 (David, Jonas, Maggie, Orsi, Jan) struggled somewhat in the difficult terrain under blistering sun, coming in 31st out 50 eligible relay teams (with many NCLs in the result list due to mispunches). Once again though, the LuxOC flag flew proudly over the CC, and we're already looking forward to next year's edition where we definitely will want to restore our former glory!


  • orsi

    orsi 8 months ago

    Great summary, Jan! There is only one thing I miss: the term "tussock", which is burnt into my mind after this race :-)

  • ondra

    ondra 8 months ago

    I really liked the terrain (interesting and rather well passable), the atmosphere and (proud dad) the attitude and accomplishments of our youngsters. Next similar RDV is the Interland and the Belgium relay champs (teams of three) next spring.

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