Situation in neighboring countries

 May 23rd        Belgium  France  Germany  orienteering       

With the beginning deconfinement and borders opening, the neighboring countries publish plans for allowed club trainings. No official timed competitions are allowed in France, Belgium and Germany for the time being. The situation is described in the following documents:

  • France (club trainings and semi-permanent or permanent circuits; document valid until June 2),
  • Belgium (FRSO & VO; document valid until ~ June 8),
  • Germany: only scattered information suggesting that competitions will be held again in July.

Beyond spring 2020?

In France all major competitions are cancelled until the end of summer. Championships that were supposed to be held during spring are reschedulled to 2021. When it comes to local competitions, there are no official news. OOcup organizers still hope to hold the 5 days in August.

In Belgium, a calendar speculates about competitions withou timing to be allowed from July 1st on, and regular competitions from August 1st on.

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