Luxembourg sprints sunlit Sunday

 October 22nd        5    

Few photos from the yesterday, organisators' perspective.

And a 1.5D rerun of a resolute LuxOC runner, taken from the start of the second sprint on:


  • orsi

    orsi 3 weeks ago

    Great pictures, I also added one about Jan looking like a Christmas tree :-)

    What does "1.5D" mean, by the way?

    • balazsd

      balazsd 3 weeks ago

      I wonder why the photographer didn't continue with Sasha towards the 3rd control :D

      • ondra

        ondra 2 weeks ago

        There would be an explanation after today's middle :)

  • ondra

    ondra 3 weeks ago

    1.5 is a poor man's reference to high tech O tools, 2D and 3D rerun...

    • orsi

      orsi 3 weeks ago


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