Winter welcoming in Marscherwald

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"Tough and fun"

"Hard but amazing"


"It was excellent"

These were the general comments of those 15 brave orienteers who fought in the woods of Marscherwald n a bit chilly and foggy weather on the last Sunday of November 2018, one week before the Luxembourg Club Championship. Altogether 8 different courses were set up to meet everyone's needs from beginners to experts however no one dared competing the Great Ultimate Master (a.k.a. Long technical) course.

The results and the courses are below.

Ultimate Master (Long)  
Jonas Wolff 82:20
Julien Gaffuri 88:48
Dirk Hartmann 95:25
Atte Aalto 121:10
Stefano Magni 171:15
Robert Hembrow DNF
Jose Miguel Peleato DNF


Great Supreme Master (Medium Technical)  
Oleksandr Rybakov 49:14
Gabriella Zambo 76:15


Supreme Master (Medium)  
Inga Ausekle 73:56
Shane Enright 87:02
Brigitta Gersey 120:01
Helle Majander DNF


Grand Master (Short)  
Katalin Turay with Elisabet Wirtz 34:40


A big thank you for all the participants who run on the last day of fall / first day of winter on these challenging courses.


  • Shane

    Shane 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Balasz for putting on a nice event. A real challenge in some great terrain!

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