D'Coque informal - it nearly rained!

 September 24th        LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg       

It was good to see more than thirty members, friends and first-timers at d'Coque. Thanks to you all for coming. LuxOC prides itself on good weather for most of its "happenings", but clearly today we only did just enough to placate the rain gods!

Big thanks to Sasha for planning - the Deer course, which most people opted for, had some entertaining route choices. And the control in the maze wasn't that bad, was it? 

A few people chose to go through the d'Coque building - not a route choice the planner had foreseen! Strictly, the international rules say that you aren't allowed to go through buildings unless there is a passage shown on the map as a permitted route - but then, our event was only "informal". 

The results were promptly posted on the Helga website - see https://helga-o.com/webres/index.php?lauf=4286. We're sorry that we weren't able to provide people with an instant print out of their time for each control - as is the standard practice at most events these days. The printer is now returned to life - we are not sure why it ran out of power so completely despite a recent full charge. If you want to see your individual "split times" at each control, click on your name in the Helga results list. You will see a list of recent events that you've participated in.  Then click on the little "pdf" symbol on the right, and you will have all the information!

Our next event is our annual Club handicap championships. It's at Drai Echelen - meet near the Philharmonie - on the morning of Sunday 16 October, with starts from 10.30 until 11.30 or so. 

We hope to see you then.

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