Friendly families and familiar friends in Mersch

 May 12th        LuxOC organisation  Luxembourg  orienteering  training       

We registered 53 runs this morning in the beautiful park of Mersch, but don’t ask exactly how many people turned up all in all, as we lost count quite early. Maybe around 50. Some more precise statistical data: age range: 10 months - 60 years, number of nationalities: 12, visitors from across the borders: 6, temperature: 22°C (felt like 28 for those who ran), number of clouds: 0, long-lost SI dibbers found: 1.

The traditional Squirrel and Rabbit courses were by far the most popular (for families and newcomers), but there were 7 brave runners who ventured out on one or both of the “tricky” Deer courses. In one of them the map was mirrored, causing quite a headache to the runners. Despite the ordeal they all came back smiling!

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