Howald training morning - the results

 March 26th        training  LuxOC organisation       

Some 28 LuxOC members braved the rather nasty weather forecast for the day, and joined our LuxOC training morning in the Howald woods. As it turned out, after about 09.00 there were only a few short showers.

The “Switcher” Score course seems to have given both pleasure and an intellectual challenge to all who ran it. The final results are attached. Ondra K managed to do ALL the controls just outside the 45-minute time limit, which planner David hadn’t expected to be possible. A worthy winner, although closely followed by Julien G, who had only left out one control. The best junior result was by Barbora K, who made a notably clever choice of controls to visit.

The Rabbit course was more straightforward, and it was good to welcome three newcomers to our sport. Apologies here to those who struggled with number 8, after having got used to controls on the path network. It was there - down by the crag, just off the path, as shown on the control description list!

Apologies also to Jonas and one or two others who found that the river crossing shown as a path just near control 144 on the score course was slightly fictional – although to be fair, it has rained a lot in the last week. Planner David should have edited the map to stop people being lured towards a watery doom here. He now realises that this cost some people time, or spoilt their choice of routing. Sorry!

Lastly, thanks to Maggie R for helping at the meeting area, and for collecting the controls afterwards from the seriously muddy bit of the forest up near the tennis club. And to Jana T for feeding the organisers with some greatly-appreciated cakes!!

Our next meetings are planned for the evening of Thursday 20 April in Bertrange, for the first in our LuxSUL summer urban league runs – and on the afternoon of Saturday 22 April for our April “training”, more family-orientated, at Klosegrondchen near the Serra roundabout. More information on both nearer the time.


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