Summer Urban League – after two runs

 May 26th        LuxOC organisation       

Our Luxembourg Summer Urban League – the LuxSUL –  is now in full swing. Thanks to Jan S for organising LuxSUL 2 in Gasperich on 15 May.

An impressive number of Club members have done both runs, and some league trends are beginning to emerge. Full results to date are shown in the attached sheets.

On the longer Deer course, Cedric G has the lead, and Simon H is just behind. But honours are even – each has won their course once. Sasha is third, having come in third at both runs.

Among the Rabbits (the shorter course) it’s very close. Orsi L has had the fastest time at both runs, but is less than a minute ahead of Inga A in the league table. And Elisabet W is only another minute or so behind.

Do note that a few adjustments to the times originally published in the results have had to be made – unfortunately some time penalties have had to be imposed to cancel out the advantages some people gained during the Gasperich run by crossing a field that was marked as out of bounds. A tougher referee would have had the red cards out!

There will be two evening LuxSULs in June. One will be on Tuesday 11 June running around Kirchberg and Weimerskirch, and the other on Tuesday 25 June in Sandweiler, together with the Club’s summer social evening at the Club’s home base. All Club members – and guests and newcomers – will be very welcome. Full details of each on this website nearer the time.

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