Jukola/Venla 2023 - Call for Expression of Interest

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Update 29.4.2023

Interests declared so far:

Venla: Gabi, Orsi, Sabrina Meister, Brigitte Grüniger (4/4) FULL TEAM!

Jukola: Jevgenis, Jonas W, Sasha, Jonas L, Roland, Jan, Olena (7/7) FULL TEAM!


A Happy New Orienteering Year to everyone!

This year, Jukola will beld June 17-18 in Porvoo/Borgå just 50 km east of Helsinki. The terrain covers open rock hills that have been left untouched by farming and these are intersected by many roads, paths and fields. Consequently, navigation will include as well fast running as control picking in very detailed areas and the courses are overall quite long. The women’s relay in the afternoon will have four legs between 6 and 9 km. The men’s relay will start at nightfall and have 7 legs, of which three shorter than 10 km. More information can be found on the website: https://jukola.com/2023/en/home/ and the invitation at: https://jukola.com/2023/en/event-invitation/

For now, I would like to know if you are at all interested in participating. The qualification is very simple, everyone that is willing to sacrifice the time, money and reputation needed to travel to the north for the sake of one weekend and one event, is likely to make the team. We will try to find those willing and able to take the longer legs and in case we can’t find enough runners within the club, we can reach out to friends and family in neighbouring and/or home countries. While everyone will have to organise his or her own travel, on site we will as usual book a club tent that is available from Friday to Sunday. More to be clarified later.

Please indicate if you are interested in either event and also if you prefer any particular leg (day or night, long or short). Women are also allowed to double, so indicate if you’re willing to do that. You can reply to me directly or “register” your interest by commenting this new item below.

We can discuss this at the Annual Meeting January 25th, hopefully concluding whether there is interest of not for the club to participate.

Old maps from next year's competition terrain are found here: https://jukola.com/2023/en/1038-2/

Here is a little teaser. The semi-official "pre-event" and simultaneously the final in the Finnish relay-league was held last September next to the Jukola terrain. The race was televised and the broadcast is available on youtube. A lot of speaking in Finnish but also a lot of GPS-tracking and running cameras. Its starting in daylight and ending in darkness en includes a lot of elite orienteers getting lost (e.g. 38 min into the race). And the terrain is very nice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW1jU4nXdzY

The full GPS-tracking can be viewed here: https://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/2022vlfinaaliD1/(change the last D1 to D2, D3, H1, H2, H3 for all legs)

All the best!




  • jonas

    jonas 11 months ago

    I am interested. Can run any leg but would prefer something less than 10km.

  • Jan

    Jan 11 months ago

    I’d love to run (unless of course we find 7 runners who are better than me) and can do leg 5 or 6

  • jonas

    jonas 11 months ago

    Jevgenijs is interested.

  • jonas

    jonas 11 months ago

    Sasha is in, as well.

  • julien

    julien 11 months ago

    I have to skip this year again... but soon I will have no more excuse !

  • jonas

    jonas 10 months ago

    Gabi is interested in women's team.

  • jonas

    jonas 10 months ago

    David is interested.

  • jonas

    jonas 10 months ago

    Orsi declares her interest as well.

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