LuxSUL 2 - Party in the Park!

 May 9th        LuxOC organisation       

The warm evening sunshine last Thursday brought out plenty of LuxOC members, their friends and guests to run in the second event of the 2023 Luxembourg Summer Urban League. Indeed, with 20 runners on the night, we ran out of printed maps for the longer 5km “Deer” course, which is the first time that this has happened. Apologies to the last arrival, who had to wait until the first finisher before a map could be recycled.

Planner Jan made the best use of the most interesting parts of the Merl area, with the schools complex in particular offering some navigational challenges. And Merl Park – well, LuxOC runners were just about stepping over the picnicking, partying, and relaxing bodies!

The results for the evening are, as usual, on the Helga web results page – see . And detailed cumulative results to date are attached. After only two out of the planned seven runs, it’s early days for spotting our overall winners, although Julien Gaffuri currently has a useful ten-minute lead in the “Deer” class.

Just to recap, the rules for deciding the LuxSUL results are (relatively) straightforward. Ranking is based simply on times behind the winner of each race, with only the best four results from the seven LuxSULs being aggregated. This means that taking part in more than four runs allows one or more “times behind the winner” to drop out of an aggregate total – so expect some big changes in positions later in the season!

Big thanks to Jan for hosting as well as planning – we gather he’s now recovering from his bout of over-training and a touch of ‘flu. And apologies for some slight delays on the evening in processing entries and timing. Michael has now sorted out the problem that David had caused, so we should be back at maximum efficiency for LuxSUL 3.

More information on LuxSUL 3 very soon – there will be a separate news item coming up on this website. But please note a date change from the original plan – LuxSUL 3 will be not on Tuesday 16 May as originally announced, but in the following week.


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